Malaysia returns 42 shipping containers of illegal plastic waste back to the UK

21st Jan 2020

Malaysia are returning 42 shipping containers worth of plastic waste back to the UK after it had been sent to them illegally. 

Since China’s ban on receiving the worlds waste in 2018, Malaysia has taken the brunt of it. The UK (and many other wealthy countries) send their recyclable waste overseas because it is cheap, helps meet recycling targets and reduces domestic landfill.

Yeo Bee Yin, Malaysian environment minister, said her government would take steps to ensure the country “does not become the garbage dump of the world”.

What can you do to help?

Baling plastic waste at the source (i.e. at your business) allows for better segregation and the possibility of achieving value for scrap plastic. Recently we’ve seen an uplift in prices paid for clean plastic (LDPE) between £70-250/tonne and JAZZ (mixed coloured) plastics £100-150 per ton, 

Talk to us about a plastic baler for your business. 


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