Baler Servicing & Maintenance

Our Baling & Compacting Equipment is manufactured to the highest standards with quality parts and components which means they are built to last. QCR are SafeContractor accredited and approved due to our commitment to quality, sustainability and safety.

We have a large dedicated service and maintenance team who will aim respond to any breakdown within 72 hours but our response times are often much quicker. This is because our team of nationwide installation and service engineers are based around the country enabling us to offer the benefits of a local service with nationwide coverage. 

Whether you own or rent your equipment, QCR have solutions to help keep your machine in tip-top condition:

Baler Aftersales Service Plans For Rented Machines

Free Baler Servicing For All QCR Rental Customers 

All QCR baler rental customers do not need to worry about the costs associated with maintaining and servicing their baling equipment as it's all included in the price of their rental contract. Our free waste baler servicing plans are very popular because all tasks will be organised in line with your machine's recommended service schedule by our fully qualified baler technicians. At regular intervals, one of our nationwide baler technicians will contact you and arrange a convenient time to visit your premises to inspect your machine. In addition to the general machine checks they'll also check whether it is still the most appropriately sized machine for your business and if applicable, provide you with some recommendations. All our baler and waste compactor hire contracts, regardless of the length of the rental period include:

  • Routine servicing of baler - we'll be in contact to arrange a convenient time for your business
  • Preventative maintenance tasks
  • Free replacement parts if something needs to be changed
  • Free labour & travel time from one our our knowledgable baler experts

By not having to pay for servicing, QCR Rental customers are protected from the rising costs of machine maintenance. 

Free Baler Breakdown Cover For All QCR Rental Customers 

All customers who have a current rental agreement with QCR, enjoy the peace of mind knowing that in the event of a breakdown, once we've been notified, we'll be with you as soon as possible to get it working again. As long as the issue hasn't been caused by mis-use of the machine, in which case we'll be happy to organise some free re-training for you, the costs associated with the breakdown will be covered by us.QCR van

  • Parts and labour to fix the issue free of charge (providing not caused by mis-use)
  • No costly call out fees
  • Breakdown cover response in 48-72 hours (less in most cases)

Please contact us to ask any questions relating to QCR's Equipment breakdown repair service in the UK. 

Free Baler Training For All QCR Rental Customers

All QCR rental customers receive free ongoing operator training so in the event of a key person from your team leaving your business, we'll be happy to train their replacement for free. Free refresher training is also available. Training can be delivered in person or virtually. Our machines have been designed to be robust and also simple to operate and will always be supplied with jargon-free instructions. 

Free Baler Risk Assesments For All QCR Customers

All QCR customers receive free baler risk assesments on completion of the installation of the machine. Method statements and training certificates are also provided free of charge on request.

Baler Aftersales Service Plans For Purchased Machines

If you purchased a machine but it is now out-of-warranty, your business can purchase an extended service agreement from QCR. Baler Service plans can also be purchased for refurbished machines bought directly from QCR. Purchasing a Waste Baler Service Plan from QCR will help to keep your equipment running as effectively and safely as possible. Not only will routine baler servicing help to improve the life span of your machine, it also helps to minimise the risk of breakdowns which can cause unforeseen bills and inconvenience. Documented evidence of regular servicing may also postively impact on the resale vale of your machine, if you decide to change it in the future.

The price of a QCR Waste Compactor Service Plan will depend on your machine therefore please contact us for our latest prices and deals.


1. How often should my Baler be serviced?

Consult your machine manual. 

You should always consult the machine manual supplied with your baler to find out how often it should be serviced. Whether you purchase a new or a used machine, QCR will always supply your business with a machine manual and also provide expert guidance on machine maintenance. For QCR's Rental Customers, machine servicing is included free within their contract. Plus, rental customers do not need to worry about scheduling a service because QCR will contact them to arrange this at a time convenient for your business.

2. Why do I need to maintain my Baler?

Ensures efficency & safety, prevents breakdowns & prolongs lifespan.

There are many reasons as to why you should service your baler, these are:

  • To maintain optimum efficiency
  • Prevent breakdowns 
  • Ensure safety 
  • Prolong baler lifespan
  • Stay compliant with current regulations

The easiest way to maintain your baler is to purchase a Baler Service Agreement from QCR. The cost of the plan is linked to the age, location and model of your baler. Get in contact with our friendly team for a quotation and details of what is included.

3. How To Tell When a Baler Needs Servicing?

Balers should be serviced at regular intervals. If you witness any one of these signs when using it, stop using your baler and contact QCR:

  • Unusual noises
  • Decreased performance
  • Leaking fluid
  • Visable damage/safety concerns
  • Inconsistent bales

4. What's Included In a Baler Service?

Baler services involve routine maintenance of the machine to ensure all parts and mechanisms are working as they should. The service process includes the following steps:

  • Visual inspection
  • Lubrication/Cleaning
  • Tension adjustment
  • Hydraulic system check
  • Electrical inspection
  • Part replacement
  • Calibration

If you've hired a waste baler from QCR, you'll be rewarded with an inclusive service plan. This includes:

  • Breakdown cover response
  • Parts and labour 
  • Engineer call-out

5. Who Should Service My Baling Machine?

A Baler Engineer accredited by Alcumus SafeContractor.

To get the highest level of support, we recommend choosing an experienced baler engineer who is accredited by the Alcumus SafeContractor scheme. QCR Recycling Equipment has been accredited by Alcumus SafeContractor for many years due to our high standards in safety, quality and corporate sustainability. A quick call or email to our office will get you a price for a service and also details about our popular service plans for recycling equipment.

Hiring an independent contractor to service your machine can be fraught with uncertainity as you need to ensure that they are competent to complete the task but also comply with important regulations such as health, safety and modern slavery. QCR has serviced Waste Balers for over 25 years, there is rarely an issue that we haven't seen before.