Commercial Waste Compactors

Balers are used to bale recyclable material but there are other waste types, which cannot be recycled and therefore they must be placed in a bin. General waste is everywhere and any business will produce some form of this waste type.

The problem is when there becomes too much general waste and it starts to fill up bins and skips quickly. This can lead to overflowing and regular, expensive bin collections.

We offer a bin press and a bag compactor, both of which can help to control general waste. Our 1100 litre bin press will crush down black bin bags, decreasing bag volumes by 3:1. On collection day businesses often find themselves paying to have bins emptied which aren’t even full, this is essentially paying for fresh air. With a bin press you can ensure your money isn’t going to waste. The bag compactor will press down general and food waste inside a metal drum, which is covered in a bin bag. When full, the bag can be tied and placed in a bin, this machine reduces volumes 10:1.

We also offer static compactors and portable waste compactors. With a high compact ratio, these waste balers & compactors are ideal for handling large volumes of general waste and wet waste - with wet waste compactors available complete with integrated bin. Static waste compactors can also compact high levels of cardboard and other dry mixed recyclables with a quick cycle time. These machines allow users to save up to 85% on transport costs of the waste you would collect in external bins.

Static Compactors are mainly used for compression of waste materials on-site and in house. A major benefit static compactors have is that they have the ability to compress the waste in waste containers. This prevents bins or the need for skip lifts filling up quickly with waste volume comprised of paper and cardboard, therefore, less space is taken up within your working environment and disposal costs are reduced as a result of charge box volume.

All our range of waste compactors will help to maintain a clean environment. No customer wants to see overflowing bins and skips as they are unsightly. Less voluminous waste will also result in fewer collections and perhaps there may be an opportunity to remove some general waste bins from the premises - this will save on waste costs.

Portable Waste Compactors are a highly productive alternative to using skips for general waste disposal. All machinery we supply comply with health and safety regulations and can almost guarantee money saving thanks to the compaction force of the recycling baler and compactors. Tipping mechanisms also allow for waste a recycling wheelie bin compacting.

A general waste compactor has environmental benefits alongside commercial benefits. Fewer collections from the waste management company means less visits from the CO2 filled lorry which collects the waste. This will result in fewer emissions into the atmosphere.

We offer a free trial on our range of commercial waste compactors.

QCR XP100 & XP200 Bag Compactors QCR 1100 Bin Compactor QCR Hazardous Waste Compactor      
QCR XP100 & XP200 Bag Compactors
Compress general waste into 1 manageable bag
QCR 1100 Bin Compactor
Compacts directly into waste bin/DMR
QCR Hazardous Waste Compactor
Compact your waste directly into the drum
QCR Static Compactor
Various loading options for high volumes of general waste
QCR Mobile Compactor
High compaction level of general wet waste and DMR waste