Commercial Waste Compactors to Rent or Purchase

Waste Compactors are designed to reduce your waste material volume by compressing the waste inside the bin to make more room for adding additional waste into the bin. By squashing down the bin contents you'll fit more material into it, saving your business space & money while also decreasing the environmental impact of waste collections. These Compactors can also be called in-bin compactors or bin presses, and are suitable for a variety of bin sizes and for both recyclable & non-recyclable waste.

Compacting waste is beneficial to all types of businesses. This is due to Waste Management Companies charging variable prices for bin emptying, depending on the contents and the capacity of the bin. Businesses without a waste compactor often find themselves paying to have commercial bins emptied, which aren’t even full which is essentially paying for disposing of fresh air.

Our Range of Waste Compactors for Commercial Waste

Man using a QCR 1100 Bin Compactor

QCR 1100L Wheelie Bin Compactor

Compact waste directly into a 1100L commercial bin. This wheeled bin compactor can reduce the frequency of your bin empties by up to 75% saving your business money and space. Bin presses such as this one are a great way to reduce the carbon footprint of your business therefore boosting sustainability.



QCR 660L Wheelie Bin Compactor

Compress waste within a 660L bin with this in-bin compactor. This hydraulic bin press will squash down the contents of your bins enabling you to fit more in and save money on collection fees.

Installing a small bin press is a practical way for businesses across the UK to cut their emissions as part of the UK's journey to net zero.



QCR tractor mounted waste compactor

QCR Tractor Mounted Mobile Waste Compactor

Ideal for businesses with multiple bin stores, this mobile compactor can compact bin waste inside a wheelie bin which can help to improve site hygiene.


Man using QCR XP100 & XP200 Bag Compactors

QCR Business Waste Compactor

Compact commercial waste to enable you to fit more waste into your bins. This small bin press is an easy way to compact multiple bags of business waste and is mess-free. Compacting bags of waste can help reduce waste disposal costs if you pay by volume.


Man using a QCR Hazardous Waste Compactor

QCR Soft Hazardous Waste Compactor

If your business or organisation regularly disposes of contaminated PPE or other soft materials, you'll know how it can quickly bins can fill up. Luckily you can compact your soft hazardous waste materials directly into a drum with this waste compactor.



QCR Roll Cage Waste Compactor

This innovative machine is designed to compact loose waste in a roll cage. Use it to efficiently compact cardboard and plastic waste deposited in a metal roll cage to save space and onward transport costs.

Perfect for businesses with multiple sites who backhaul recyclable waste back to a central location for processing.


Waste Handling Equipment




QCR Waste Bag Lifting Trolley

Take the strain out of lifting heavy bags into a bin. Simply put the bags of rubbish on to this simple bag lifting system and wind the lever to raise them up to a more appropriate height for despositing in your bin. Minimise health and safety risks at your workplace by reducing manual handling of waste into bins with this helpful lifting trolley.



Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is a Waste Compactor?

Put simply, a Waste Compactor will reduce the overall volume of the rubbish you have placed in your bin. They compress waste into smaller volumes, making recycling easier and reducing your waste collection frequency. 

2. What are the benefits of Commercial Waste Compactors?

The benefits of compactors for commercial waste are improved site hygiene, fewer bins and lower waste collection fees. The environmental benefits of general waste compaction are reduction in carbon footprint due to less frequent collections required by your waste carrier.

3. How does a Bin Compactor work?

A Bin Compactor has a hydraulic ram and compacting plate which is positioned over a bin to squash down the contents to minimise its volume. QCR offer a wide variety of different sizes of bin compactors to suit different sizes of commercial bins. Bin Compactors are sometimes known as Bin Crushers.

4. Is there a general compactor for 1100l bins?

If you use 1100 litre bins for your waste, you can reduce waste volume by using a QCR 1100L Bin Press to crush down your recyclable and/or non-recyclable waste, decreasing volumes by up to 3:1.

5. What are the financial benefits of commercial waste compaction?

The price of emptying a commercial bin is often linked to volume, rather than weight. This can make waste particularly expensive to dispose of when uncompacted in a wheeled bin.

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Aftersales Care

When exploring who offers the best waste compactor rental near you, you'll be pleased to find out that from our three regional centres in the UK, QCR can provide compactor hire service to the majority of the UK. In addition to this when choosing to work with us you can expect:

  • We are a leading UK provider of waste balers and compactors with over 25 years' experience of offering this type of equipment
  • Free introduction to our trusted network of Recyclers throughout the UK or you can continue to use your own Waste Collection Firm
  • Free training certification, method statements and risk assesments for your waste compacting equipment
  • If you have purchased your equipment, you can extend the 12 month warranty period by purchasing a Service Agreement from us
  • Support from our knowledgeable and accredited team who have been awarded Safe Contractor status due to our excellence in health & safety