QCR Recycling Equipment Warranty & Aftersales Support

If you're a UK based business, you'll be glad to know that all our new & used recycling machines for sale at QCR come with a minimum 12 month warranty. This 12 month recycling machinery warranty protects your business against the costs for both call outs and labour charges in the unlikely event of a mechanical failure of your machine.

You also have the option to extend this period of cover to ensure many care-free years of waste compaction when you purchase a machine.

Cardboard Baler Warranty

Whether you have chosen to purchase a new or a refurbished Cardboard Baler from QCR, you'll get added peace of mind with our 12 month cardboard baler warranty for all machines installed in the UK. This 12 month baler warranty includes call outs and labour and is included as standard for all balers installed in the UK regardless of the size of baler you have purchased. The inclusion of a warranty is an important factor to consider when purchasing a cardboard baler because it can protect your business against:

  • Disruption to your day-to-day operations
  • Unforeseen bills

When purchasing a used cardboard baling machine from QCR Recycling Equipment, our comprehensive Used Baler warranty can remove any concerns about buying a refurbished rather than a brand new machine. If you'd like to extend this warranty period beyond 12 months, get in touch with us today and we'll be happy to help.

Waste Compactor Warranty

When purchased for installation at an address in the UK, QCR's range of new & used Carboard, Plastic and General Waste Compactors are also supplied with a 12 month warranty which includes call outs and labour. Although designed and maintained to a high standard, sometimes an unforeseen issue can cause a breakdown. Luckily, as part of QCR's 12 month waste compactor warranty, we'll arrange for one of our experienced Compactor technicians to help you resume waste compacting as soon as we can. This is important to us because it helps your business quickly continue to:

  • Compact your waste to minimise the frequency of bin emptying
  • Minimise manual handling of waste
  • Maintain a clean and tidy work environment

Whether you've chosen to purchase a Glass Crusher, General Waste Compactor or Wheelie Compactor, our 12 month warranty including call out and labour will help you maximise the savings generated by your machine.

If you need any further reassurance QCR have been trading since 1999, meaning that your business can be confident that we'll still be here to answer your call if you need us in the future.

Our Aftersales Care

Our baling equipment is built to last and so when you purchase a cardboard baler from QCR, you can expect many years of hassle-free baling. After the machine has been installed at your premises, we'll continue to provide your business with ongoing support to ensure that your baler is working effieciently and safely. Our aftersales care for all machines purchased from us includes:

  • Fast Delivery of Baler Consumables - Our online baler consumables shop can supply you with high quality baler tape, baler wire and many other supplies. 
  • Comprehensive Baler Instruction Manual - All machines are supplied with a comprehensive instruction manual. We can provide you with a replacement manual if the one originally supplied with the machine is lost.
  • Baler Operator Training - We provide free in-person baler operator training for every QCR supplied baler installed in the UK. But, after that period, if you have any new starters in your team, or you require a refresher, get in contact and we'll be able to offer you an affordable training solution. 
  • Baler Servicing and Maintenance Plans - As with any hard working piece of equipment in the workplace, it is essential to keep it properly maintained and serviced regularly. A 12 month warranty (call outs & labour) comes as standard with all our equipment installed at a UK address. You can also choose to extend this period of cover by purchasing a Service Agreement from us, prices vary depending on the machine and your location.