Waste Baler - hire or purchase?

What is a Waste Baler?

A waste baler is a machine powered by hydraulics or pneumatics that compresses recyclable business waste materials into bales. Balers are used in many different types of organistions such as manufacturing businesses, retail businesses, pubs, restaurants, hotels and recycling facilities. All the balers shown on our website are available to hire or purchase.

How can a waste baler benefit my business?

Using a baler for waste management and recycling has many benefits, including:

  • Reduce the number of DMR bins you need for dry mixed recyclables 
  • Making recycling easier by streamlining your waste managment processes

What size of waste baler do I need?QCR small waste baler

A few factors will determine the size of baler you require, however you needn't make the decision alone as our team of Waste Experts can help you with this at a Site Survey. The first  thing they will appriase is the amount of waste you are generating which can be calculated by the number of skips and bins you have and the frequency that they are emptied. We have a wide range of small and medium vertical waste balers available for low to medium amounts of waste. If you have lots of waste, or have particularly bulky waste streams, we'd recommend a Mill Size Waste Baler as it has a large holding chamber, click here to see our range.

The second is the size of the waste material you handle. For example, if you have low or medium waste volumes but handle large bulky boxes you will need a cardboard baler with a large loading door so that boxes can be placed inside the cardboard baler. We have compact balers with larger than average chambers available such as the QCR 205TS Cardboard Waste Baler, click here for details. The third consideration our Waste Experts will review is the space you have and the potential location. If space is tight or perhaps you are looking to free up valuable space for other uses then a small compact vertical waste baler is ideal such as the QCR H3 Cardboard Waste Baler (Short), click here for details.

What type of material can be compacted in a baler?

Any recyclable material can be baled, compacted or crushed reducing its volume to reduce the cost of disposal and reduce storage space. The two most common materials that businesses ask for help to bale are cardboard and plastics:

If you've browsed our range you'll notice that most cardboard waste balers can also bale soft plastics removing the need for a second machine or a multi-chamber baler.

However, baling is not limited to just cardboard and plastics as you can also broaden range of materials you compact by using a specialist compactor:

Alternatively, you can use a compactor for these materials:

Hire a waste baler UK

Renting a waste baler is actually a great option for alot of different types of business because of the extras and enhanced level of service you get with a QCR Waste Baler Rental UK. We offer flexible rental terms and include free delivery, installation, training, maintenance, servicing, advice and consultancy, bale collections, upgrades and downgrades and breakdown cover. So there will be no hidden costs or extras to pay.

QCR Mill size waste balerBut if you'd prefer to purchase a waste baler we have a huge range of new and refurbished balers available.

Collection of baled recyclable materials UK

Unlike bins where you pay per lift, recyclers will collect baled material for most businesses as long as you are not in a remote location (albeit lovely we’re sure). Basically this means that for 95% of the country we’ll be able to organise reliable local recyclers to collect your bales. For customers looking for rebates on their bales, we’ll find you best rate so you can maximise your returns.

Waste Baler servicing and maintenance

All balers, no matter what the brand will need to be serviced annually. QCR rental customers enjoy a worry and hassle free full warranty which includes an annual baler service of the machine, parts and labour costs, ongoing training and support and breakdown cover.

QCR also offers a wide range of high quality baler accessories and consumables including baler wire, baler tape and trolleys. You can purchase them from our online baler accessories shop or call us to place your order.

The QCR way – we’ll make things easy for you

Deciding to recycle your waste with a waste baler is easy, all you need to do is contact QCR! We have over 23 years of experience and the biggest selection of recycling equipment to suit every budget. So talk to our waste experts – we’ve got what you need, guaranteed.