Cardboard Compactors


What are they?

In simple terms Cardboard Compactors mechanically compact down your cardboard waste to reduce overall volume. Often the confusion about compactors arises because you can compact commercial cardboard waste using a baler or bin compactor. The decision whether to use a baler or a bin compactor is determined by many factors including space, staff, location and waste volumes. Luckily QCR Recycling Equipment has a wide range of both Cardboard Balers and Cardboard Compactors so we can give you impartial advice about the best cardboard recycling solution for your business. Every business is unique therefore we offer a free, no-obligation site survey service to enable us to recommend the right solution for you.

New and Used Cardboard Compactors

QCR are a leading supplier of compactors in the UK since 1999. Our equipment can help your organisation reduce the volume of all types of cardboard waste including whole boxes and most types of plastic packaging waste. Our wide range of recycling equipment includes both new and used compactors, all of which have been carefully checked by our own team of technicians prior to delivery and are supplied with a 12 month warranty. QCR's range of Used Compactors are very popular and often sell before they are listed on our website so please contact us to find out our latest machine availability.

Hiring a Compactor

The top 3 benefits of hiring waste compaction equipment from QCR include:

  • Free delivery and installation (some geographical restrictions apply)
  • Free servicing and breakdown cover from a Safe Contractor accredited Engineer
  • Free ongoing equipment training and documentation (risk assessments & method statements provided)

QCR offer this service to the majority of the UK. The other benefits of renting waste compaction equipment from QCR can be viewed on our dedicated Baler Rental page.

The Benefits of Using a Compactor

Businesses and organisations can become more sustainable by incorporating cardboard recycling into their daily operations. In fact, from 2024 there is new legislation coming to many regions of the UK making cardboard recycling mandatory for all businesses. The most obvious way for any business to improve their sustainability is to ensure that all uncontaminated waste cardboard is disposed of in a recycling bin. However, for businesses who do not have the space or desire for their workplace to be cluttered with bins, cardboard compaction is the answer. 

A cardboard bin compactor is a hydraulic machine which compacts waste already deposited inside bins enabling you to add more waste into the bin before it becomes full. Compactors for cardboard waste bins can prevent your bins from overflowing resulting in a lowered risk of problems associated with vermin or anti-social behaviour. Many waste contractors will refuse to empty a commercial waste bin that is overflowing therefore a recycling bin compactor can help to prevent refused collections.  It is cost-effective for any business to try and fit as much waste in it as possible to ensure that waste costs are minimised, installing a compactor can help with this.

In contrast with a bin compactor, a cardboard baler is a machine which you place your waste inside of to mechanically compact it into bales. In practice this means that instead of using a cardboard bin, you place all your uncontaminated cardboard waste into a baler. At first glance, this can appear to be a more complicated way of handling waste however, baled cardboard waste is more valuable than loose cardboard waste and so baling is often a more cost-effective way of handling waste when compared to bins.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the difference between a cardboard compactor and a baler?

Compactors and balers are highly efficient machines for any organisation wishing to handle cardboard waste more sustainably. The key difference is that a baler compacts waste into bales while a compactor reduces overall volume inside your existing bin. Both types of machinery offer cost, time and space savings when compared to using bins alone for businesses who produce cardboard waste.

2. What is cardboard compactor called?

Cardboard compactors can also be known as cardboard crushers, box crushers, balers and cardboard bin compactors in the UK. QCR Recycling Equipment is a leading supplier of commercial cardboard compacting machinery with over 25 years of compaction equipment experience. As a result, our friendly team can provide you with all the options to help your business handle your waste more sustainably. Our equipment is available for hire or purchase therefore you can find a solution perfect for your waste stream and budget.

3. What are the benefits of cardboard compaction?

The operational benefits for organisations who choose to compact their cardboard waste include more efficient waste handling processes resulting in savings in both time and labour. The financial benefits of cardboard compaction are often cheaper waste collection costs. The environmental benefits of compressing waste include fewer collection vehicles on the road and more efficient route to the processing facility.

4. What are the alternatives of cardboard compaction?

The environmentally friendly alternative to compacting cardboard is to re-purpose your waste into packaging for your goods. A Cardboard Shredder can turn your cardboard waste into low cost sustainable packaging material for your products. The comparably low cost of hiring compaction and shredding equipment from QCR also enables an organisation to employ both methods of cardboard recycling at the same time.

5. Who collects my compacted cardboard?

If you decide to bale your cardboard waste using a QCR Cardboard Recycling Solution, as part of our aftersales care, we will introduce you to a trusted cardboard bale collection company. If you decide to compact your waste into your bins, you can continue to use your existing waste collection company. The only difference in this case is that you may now require fewer bins or less frequent collections.