Vertical Balers

Vertical Balers are a type of recycling equipment that applies vertical pressure to compact recyclable material into bales that are secured by either banding or wires. Powered by electricity or compressed air, these balers can make waste handling processes at your organisation more efficient, sustainable and cost-effective. 

New and Used Vertical Balers

QCR are a leading supplier of Vertical Balers in the UK stocking a broad range of machine options from small balers up to large mill size machines capable of producing bale weights in excess of 500kg. Our versatile range of balers can be located either outside or inside your premises and can be powered by compressed air or electric. Low noise levels mean that they can also be installed at commercial properties that are situated within residential areas. They also come with a 12 months warranty.

Hiring a Vertical Baler

QCR are a Vertical Waste Baler hire specialist in the UK with over 25 years' experience of supplying and maintaining high quality recycling equipment. Our popular low cost baler rental agreements include:

  • Free machine delivery & installation
  • Free machine servicing, routine maintenance and breakdown cover
  • Free ongoing machine operator training
  • Free introduction to our trusted network of Recyclers who can collect your baled material
  • Free Risk Assesments, Method Statements and Training Certification
  • No sneaky mid-term price increases

Our typical rental agreements run for 2 years+ however, we will always try to find a solution for you if you need a machine for a shorter period.


What are the advantages of choosing a Vertical Waste Baler?

Having one of the largest selections of vertical recycling balers in the UK, QCR's range extends from simple no-frills waste baling machines right through to large machines packed with features such as sliding doors and bale-out kickers. If your business has eco-friendly aspirations or wishes to save money on waste, a vertical baler is a good place to start.

1. In general, vertical balers have a much smaller footprint than a horizontal machines making them an ideal machine choice for organisations with limited space. Taking up very little room, our smallest baler for cardboard and plastics has been successfully installed in stockrooms, cellars and commercial kitchens to name just a few. If you are unsure of whether your site can accomodate a baler, why not arrange a free no-obligation visit from one of our friendly team.

2. Vertical baling machines are more affordable than horizontal alternatives in general. QCR's range of used vertical balers feature tried-and-tested baling equipment that has been built to last with high quality components. Refurbished balers provide the best value for money and are supplied with a 12 month warranty. Stock changes frequently therefore please contact us for our latest machine availability.

3. Vertical waste balers are ideal for businesses with variable amounts of recyclable waste. A bale made from a vertical machine requires less material than a bale made in a horizontal machine. Within the vertical range, bales produced in a vertical mill size baler are the most valuable and if produced in sufficient quantities and qualities could even generate an income for your business.

4. Within QCR's small-medium sized baler range, your business can choose between a pneumatic vertical baler or a baler powered by a 13Amp plug. Having this choice can help to your business to minimise site preparation costs ahead of installing your new waste handling machinery. As specialists in commercial recycling equipment installation, QCR can provide expert guidance to ensure that your baling equipment installation runs smoothly, on time and within budget.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What types of commercial waste can be compacted in a vertical baler?

Vertical compactors can be used by organisations to bale cardboard, plastics and textiles as a sustainable alternative to bins or skips. Once baled, this material can be uplifted for recycling. You can use the same baler to compact different types of waste but this must always be done separately.

2. What is the price of a vertical baler?

Hire prices start from only £14.91 per week (excl VAT) for a small vertical baler capable of compacting cardboard and/or soft plastics.

3. Do you sell used vertical balers?

Yes, we refurbish used vertical balers and sell them with a 12 month warranty. Our stock of used waste balers ranges includes pneumatic and hydraulic machines of all sizes. If you are interested in a used machine, please contact us for our latest deals and availability.

4. What are the key features of a vertical baler?

  • Bale Chamber - The bale chamber is the space within the baler where the material is crushed. The larger the chamber, the bigger the boxes that can be crushed and the quicker it can be loaded with material. However, it is important to note that a baler with a small footprint does not necessarily have a small crushing chamber as some machines such as the QCR 205TS Vertical Wide Cardboard Baler has an extra wide aperture. Many balers sold by QCR also have the added feature of adjustable bale height settings.

  • Pressing Plate - The pressing plate within the baler crushes the material into a bale and controlled by a simple set of buttons on the side of the machine. The pressing plate is raised and lowered using either hydraulic or pneumatic powered rams.