Why Waste Balers are a Must for Every Business

Efficient waste management, sustainability and recycling are hot topics within the commercial sector because of increasing pressure from Government to meet stringent EU recycling targets, including the introduction of escalating landfill taxes and other guidelines such as ISO14001 and BREEAM (Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Methodology).

Balers a must for every businessFor this reason, recycling and waste management have become undeniable priorities for UK businesses of all sizes. This guide will explore and explain one of the most effective solutions to the problem, which also brings a host of added benefits – Waste Baler machines.

Waste Balers explained

Waste Baling machines allow businesses to efficiently sort at source, store, compact and bundle the waste streams they generate. Waste Balers can be purchased, leased or hired to suit every budget. There are a range of waste balers available to tackle specific materials, from plastics and paper to aluminium and wood. Our most popular waste baler is one designed to bale cardboard and plastics. Additionally, there is a host of waste baler designs to choose from to suit your individual requirements relating to volume, size and ease of use (manual or automatic). Effectively, waste balers allow you to separate various waste streams and compact them into tidy bundles. They readily pay for themselves in that they bring cash savings on skips and waste transport costs, as well as earning extra revenue because recycling companies pay good money for uncontaminated recyclates, particularly plastic and paper when baled. What’s more, selling your waste to recyclers can deliver a saving of £100 per tonne compared to sending that waste to landfill.

Waste streams that waste balers tackle

Balers a must for every businessMany people might be surprised at just how many types of commercial waste can be dealt with by a convenient waste baler:

  • Aluminium and foil i.e. tins, cans;
  • Drums and barrels;
  • Fibrous materials i.e. cotton, minerals, wood, wool;
  • Paper and cardboard,
  • Plastic packaging,
  • Plastic trays and containers,
  • Plastic PET bottles,
  • General production waste,
  • Shredder waste.

While some waste balers handle only one specialised type of trade waste, other waste balers can handle multiple waste streams.

Benefits that waste balers bring to businesses

Here is a summary of why waste balers are a must-have for almost every type of business:

  • Waste Balers quickly pay for themselves since they bring significant cash savings on waste collection and landfill taxes.
  • The UK regulations governing the separation of waste streams to prevent cross-contamination of recyclates are becoming increasingly stricter. Waste Balers are a perfect, fuss-free solution to ensuring your business remains compliant and steers clear of fines.
  • Recycling companies pay good money for waste streams that have been separated to prevent cross-contamination.
  • The public is increasingly attracted to companies that act responsibly in caring about the environment – compacting your waste streams and minimising the waste you send to landfill will give your business some easily won Green credentials.
  • Waste Balers save on space – waste is stored and compacted within these useful machines, rather than cluttering up the workplace. Additionally, there are a number of waste baler models that are designed to take up very little space, so are ideal for small premises, with bale collections being as regular as weekly.
  • Research proves that compacted bales pose much less of a Health & Safety fire hazard – if they catch alight they burn far slower than un-compacted waste.
  • Aside from the fact that waste balers provide a substantial and fast Return of Investment, they can be flexibly had no matter what your budget limitations – waste balers can be bought brand new, refurbished at a discounted price or rented. 
  • QCR offer complete flexibility on contract terms and exchanges to different equipment during the term.


This guide demonstrates that waste baling machines are absolutely the way forward for every business because they provide a number of key advantages. Our specialists are on hand to advise you on the type of waste baler that will best suit the needs of your individual business, so please feel free to Contact our dedicated team for further discussion or Book a Free Waste Audit.