About QCR Recycling Equipment

The team at QCR Recycling Equipment are a leading supplier of recycling equipment in the UK and have been offering cardboard baler hire since 1999. Since then we’ve expanded our offering to include all types of commercial recycling equipment including plastic balers, general waste compactors, glass crushers, and heavy-duty cardboard shredders to name just a few. This extensive range of recycling machinery means we can offer our customers bespoke waste management solutions to help them reduce waste costs, save time and space and free themselves from expensive and rising bin collection costs. 

Our business waste solutions enable your business however large or small, to manage your waste at the source which means less bins, a tidier workplace and of course reduced waste costs. Whether your business is a small shop in a village or a large factory, we can offer you a proven solution to your waste management challenges. We continue to expand our customer reach every year, offering recycling solutions around the world directly to the end consumer and via our international distributors.  

We're happy to offer every business in the UK a free, no-obligation, confidential visit from one of our Waste Experts who will look at your waste streams and your costs and offer the best solution for your business based on our 25 years in the waste management industry. At this meeting we'll be able to share real-world examples of how our equipment has helped our growing customer base of over 4,000 UK businesses.

Offering exceptional customer service to all of our existing clients and our future ones is our primary concern. Whatever you choose, from renting a small cardboard baler from only £14.91 (excluding VAT) per week or a bespoke sorting and shredding system, we can guarantee excellent value and service.

Sharing our expertise with you

Our goal is to not only pair your business with the perfect baler or cardboard compactor, but to also inform and educate as much as we can. Because of this, we regularly publish up to date news articles on our website allowing us the perfect opportunity to directly share our expertise with you.

Our friendly and knowledgeable team of nationwide Waste Experts are located across the UK. You can book a no-obligation meeting with one of them at your own premises to fully understand the benefits of baling or compacting your waste.

You might even be able to catch them at one of our regular appearances at trade shows and events where we've won awards for our equipment. To read more about our awards click here.

Here at QCR, we acknowledge that staff and processes are a continuously changing and adaptive aspect of business. Because of this, we offer free and continuous staff training at any time for our baler and compactor rental customers.

QCR Customer Reviews

Our customer base is diverse and ranges from FTSE100 companies, pubs and hotels, HM Prison Service, NHS and private sector hospitals, schools and colleges, hospitality groups and even cathedrals and royal palaces. 

We've been a leading baler and recycling equipment supplier for over 25 years and the fact that we have over 4,000 customers suggests that we are doing something right! You can read a selection of customer testimonials on our Google Business Page Listing. If you're an existing customer and know of another business who could benefit from a baler why not recommend them and earn a financial reward yourself?