Glass Crushers For Sale

Many businesses, typically Pubs, Bars and Restaurants, suffer from high collection costs due to excessive glass waste. This glass waste is mostly air, meaning your bins fill up quicker and your waste collection costs are higher than they could be.

If this is applicable to you, QCR have been providing glass recycling solutions for over 25 years and have one of the largest range of machine options in the UK. With up to 80% volume reduction, our Glass Crushers help businesses to reduce their waste costs, as well as their carbon footprint. These machines use 'crushing teeth' to drastically reduce waste volume. The crushed glass is then either stored in a container, or fed into a glass bin.

Hiring Glass Recycling Equipment

Our popular glass crusher rental service includes free delivery, installation, servicing, breakdown cover and staff training and is available to the majority of the UK. All equipment listed below is available to hire on a short or long term basis.

What Type Of Glass Crusher Do I Need?

If you can't decide which is the best type of glass recycling equipment for your business, contact us and we can visit your premises and recommend the right solution for you, we'll even let you trial it for free (some geographical restrictions apply).

QCR's Glass Recycling Equipment Range

We have many different options available, from small machines that crush standard wine bottles, to larger machines that can be located outside and crush large quantities of empty bottles in bulk. All machines below are available to hire or purchase outright.


QCR GC01 Under Counter Small Glass Crusher

QCR GC01 Under The Counter Glass CrusherPerfect for bars, pubs, restaurants cafes and small events venues with low-medium volumes of glass bottles. This unit has been designed to fit under a bar counter and is the same size as a small fridge.

Glass bottle volume reduction: Up to 5:1

  • Available for hire. Machine rental includes free delivery, free servicing and ongoing staff training
  • Purchase this crusher with 12 months warranty
  • Crushes commercial glass waste into cullet which is recyclable


QCR GLS1 Medium Glass Crusher

Picture of Medium Glass CrusherA great glass recycling machine for small/medium hospitality venues. This glass to sand machine grinds whole glass bottles into a material with a sand-like texture.  The ground material is not technically sand but is it sharp-free.

Glass bottle volume reduction: Up to 10:1

  • Glass to "Sand" Crusher hire includes free delivery, free servicing and ongoing staff training subject to some geographical restrictions
  • Buy a Glass to "Sand" Machine supplied with 12 months warranty


QCR GLS2 Large Glass Bottle Crusher

Picture of Large Glass Bottle CrusherPopularly known as a glass to sand machine, this unit can transform glass bottles into sand-like material. It has a wide aperture for larger bottles/jars such as Champagne bottles. Although the ground-down bottles are not technically sand, the material is sharp-free and can be recycled and/or repurposed.

Glass bottle volume reduction: Up to 10:1

  • Machine available to hire. Crusher hire includes free delivery, free servicing and ongoing user training
  • Machine available for purchase with 12 months warranty


QCR GC90 Glass Bottle Recycling Machine

Picture of Glass Bottle Recycling MachineIdeal for use in areas with low ceiling height or poor ventilation. Easy feed due to its generous opening. This machine crushes glass into cullet which can be recycled.

Glass bottle volume reduction: Up to 5:1

  • Machine available to hire. Crusher hire includes free delivery, free servicing and ongoing user training
  • Available to purchase with 12 months warranty


QCR GC140 Commercial Glass Crusher

Picture of QCR Commercial Glass CrusherPerfect for larger hospitality venues, this is a multi-feed glass recycling equipment crushes bottles in bulk.  Processes glass into cullet and falls straight into a bin.

Glass bottle volume reduction: Up to 5:1

  • Machine available to hire. Crusher hire includes free delivery, free servicing and ongoing user training
  • Machine available to buy with 12 months warranty


QCR Commercial Glass Imploder

Picture of QCR commercial glass imploderThis is an industrial glass crusher which is suitable for many different types of glass waste and is supplied with optional bin lift. 

Glass bottle volume reduction: Up to 6:1

  • Machine available to hire. Crusher hire includes free delivery, free servicing and ongoing user training
  • Machine available to buy with 12 months warranty



Frequently Asked Questions

1. What does a Glass Crusher do?

Crushes waste glass, resulting in a volume reduction of up to 80%.

A glass crusher will reduce the overall volume of your glass bottle waste by up to 80%. Waste Collection companies typically charge for collecting glass waste based on volume (i.e how many bins you have) therefore, by crushing your bottles at your site, you will fit more glass waste into your glass recycling bins. This enables you to reduce the number of bins you have or reduce the frequency that they are collected, both are great ways to save money on your business waste costs. Fewer collections also has the environmental benefit of fewer vehicles on the road.

2. What types of businesses are using a Crusher?

Various types, primarily hospitality businesses.

We've installed commercial glass crushers into a variety of businesses including pubs, bars, nighclubs, hotels, events venues, drinks manufacturers to name just a few. Whatever your business, if you are disposing of whole glass bottles or glass jars it is likely to be more cost effective and more sustainable for you to crush them first.

3. Is Glass Crusher hire available?


All of our glass crushing machines are available for hire across the majority of the UK. Glass crusher hire is a great option if you are a new business or have a limited budget as you can hire a high quality glass recycling machine without a large initial investment. We offer short term glass recycling equipment rental which includes servicing and breakdown cover.  If your waste glass volumes increase during your rental agreement, we'll also let you increase your machine size without increasing the length of the contract. When investigating which company offers the best glass crusher rental service near you, you'll be glad to hear that from our 3 nationwide centres, QCR can provide this service to the majority of the UK.

4. What type of Commercial Glass Crusher is right for me?

We can appraise your waste at an on-site visit.

When deciding which crusher is best for your business, its important to consider your typical glass bottle size, your location and whether you want to crush directly into a glass recycling bin. We are happy to help you find the solution that is right for you, the easiest way for us to recommend a solution is to visit your premises at a free, no-obligation meeting at your site so we can review your current glass waste handling procedures and make recommendations.

5. What are the environmental benefits of using a Crusher?

Fewer waste collections, reduced CO2 emmisions, cheaper waste disposal costs.

Glass is 100% recyclable and can be re-processed endlessly therefore it is important for all businesses to ensure that they recycle all empty glass containers. Crushed glass bottles are turned into cullet which can be recycled and reprocessed. By using a glass crusher at your premises, you reduce the volume of your glass waste which leads to fewer glass waste collections. Minimised collections result in reduced CO2 emmisions and cheaper overall disposal costs so its a win-win for all.

6. What are the operational benefits of using a Commercial Crusher?

Increased floorspace, cheaper waste disposal fees, reduced injury risk, eliminates need for lots of bottle skips.

Bottle Skips are used by a variety of successful bars, pubs and restaurants to dispose of their empty glass bottles. However, the downside of having lots of Bottle Skips in your bar area is that they take up valuable space. By utilising a Glass Crushing Machine you'll need fewer bottle skips as you'll be able to fit more glass waste in one bin. You'll also save money on waste disposal fees as collection companies generally charge per bin empty.

Furthermore, by having a dedicated crusher in your bar area for glass bottle disposal, you can ensure that broken bottles are disposed of quickly reducing the risk of accidents or injury.