Mill Size Balers

QCR's Mill Size Balers are an ideal choice if your business has high volumes of waste. They're extremely efficient, offering up to 80% volume reduction. We have over 25 years' experience of providing mill size waste balers for sale and hire in the UK and therefore consider ourselves to be a mill sized baler specialist.

A Mill Size Baler generates mill-sized bales that offer cheaper recycling costs compared to bins or skips and lower your carbon footprint. Mill sized Bales typically weigh 500kg enabling them to be sent directly to the recycling mill. The balers below offer high performance and produce optimal bale size and weight to maximise the revenues you can achieve from your cardboard and plastic recycling.

Mill Size Baler Hire or Purchase Options Available

QCR have been supplying mill balers for over 25 years. We can conduct a free, no obligation waste survey at your site to determine which baler will deliver the best returns for you based on your waste volumes, types and budget.

QCR H10 Mill Size Baler
A vertical baler with adjustable bale height and bale ejection system for cardboard and plastic waste baling into mill size bales.

Bale your recyclable waste into valuable mill size bales with this machine to get the best financial return for waste material.

Mill size bale weight: Up to 450kg depending on material type

Materials: Cardboard, Plastics and/or Textiles

Compaction force: Up to 23 tonnes

  • Mill Size Baler Long & Short Term Hire Available. Rental price includes free delivery & installation (offloading required), free routine machine servicing and free ongoing training for your team
  • New Mill Size Baling Machines for sale supplied with 12 months warranty
  • Refurbished warehouse balers instock now- please contact us for our latest deals and offers



QCR H20 Mill Size Baler
Our largest mill size recycling baler with twin ram, sliding door and extra large feed opening for efficient loading of large cardboard boxes.

Achieve the best returns for your recyclable waste with a mill size baling machine whilist improving corporate sustainability.

Mill size bale weight: Up to 550kg depending on material type

Materials Compacted: Cardboard, Plastics and/or Textiles

Compaction force: Up to 36 tonnes

  • Mill Size Baler rental price includes free machine delivery (offloading required), free baler servicing and free ongoing staff training.
  • Mill Size Recycling Balers for sale with 12 months warranty


QCR V50 Mill Size Waste Baler with Hinged Door
High quality refurbished used mill size waste baler with automatic and manual cycles for cardboard, plastics and textiles.

This robust recycling baler can help you turn your waste into dense, compacted bales that are more efficient to store and transport helping to generate the maximum return for your waste.

Mill size bale weight: Up to 550kg depending on material type

Materials Compacted: Cardboard, Plastic, Carpet and/or Textiles

Compaction force: Up to 5  0 tonnes

  • Mill Size Baler hire agreements include free delivery & install (offloading required), machine servicing and free ongoing employee training
  • Refurbished Mill Size Waste Balers for sale with 12 months warranty - contact QCR for our latest offers


QCR V50 Mill Size Waste Baler with Sliding Door
This multi material refurbished Mill Size waste baler has a sliding door which enables quicker loading of material to improve efficiency.  Recycling facilities will pay more for bales that are mill size so this cost-effective machine can help your business obtain the best returns for your waste.

Mill size bale weight: Up to 550kg depending on material type

Materials Compacted: Cardboard, Plastic, Carpet and/or Textiles

Compaction force: Up to 5  0 tonnes

  • Large Vertical Mill Size Balers to rent on a short or long term basis. Rental costs include free servicing, free delivery (offloading required) and machine training
  • Used Mill Size Waste Balers for purchase with a 12 month warranty - contact us for our latest deals and prices


QCR H600 Used Mill Size Waste Baler with Sliding Door
This powerful large warehouse baler has a massive pressing force of up to 60 tonnes enabling it to tackle a variety of recyclable waste types.

This expertly refurbished multi-material baler features an automatic door opening and simple bale ejection system making it very easy to use.

Materials Compacted: Mill Sized Waste Balers are a proven way to sustainably compact high volumes of cardboard, soft & hard plastics and textile waste into valuable bales.

Mill size bale weight: Up to 500kg depending on material type

Compaction force: Up to 60 tonnes

  • Limited stock - please contact us for availability and pricing

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is a mill size baler?

A baling machine that makes large mill-size bales.

A mill size baler compacts most types of cardboard waste and plastic waste into large mill size bales. Mill Size Balers operate in the same way as a other vertical balers with the only difference being the size of bale produced. A mill baler produces large mill sized bales of recyclable material such as cardboard which can be sent straight to a Recycling Facility so they are a very efficient way of dealing with waste. This is because bales produced by a smaller baler often need to be re-baled into larger mill sized bales before they can be processed.

2. What are the benefits of these balers?

Mill-size bales of recyclable material are a valuable commodity

By using a mill size baler you can maximise your financial returns from your used cardboard. Recyclers pay more for mill sized bales of recyclable materials because they do not need to be re-baled after collection. Due to their size, bales are more efficient to store and transport and therefore also reduce carbon footprint. 

3. What types of material can be baled in a mill size baler?

Many types of recyclable waste such as cardboard, plastic, shrink wrap & polythene.

Many businesses use these balers for cardboard and plastic waste, including bottles, shrink wrap, polythene and packaging. We also have machines in our range that can bale carpet and textiles. They are favoured by businesses who produce lots of waste such as large retail outlets, manufacturers and distribution centres.

4. Are these balers available for hire?


All QCR's mill sized balers are available to hire. Hiring a baler is often the best option for many businesses in the UK as you obtain a great machine without the burden of high capital expenditure. The surprisingly low weekly hire cost of a baler is fixed throughout the term of your agreement and includes installation, delivery, ongoing staff training. Routine Servicing and maintenance is also included in your rental price and is undertaken by our Safe Contractor accredited team of Baler Specialists. Typical mill size rental agreements are for 2, 3, 4, or 5 years however, if you'd like a machine for a shorter period get in touch.

When examining what the best mill size baler rental providers are near you, you'll be glad to hear that from our 3 workshops nationwide, QCR can offer this service to the majority of the UK.

5. What size of baler do I need?

First, book a meeting with a Baler Expert from QCR

To determine what size of baler you need, you first need to find out how much cardboard and/or plastic waste is generated at your site, which if you're considering this size of baler is likely to be contained in a large number of bins or skips. If you currently separate your recyclables into different bins, this will be much easier to work out as you'll be able to find this out from your Waste Collection company. If you are new to baling, we'd definitely recommend booking a free no-obligation site survey with one of our friendly team who can pop to your site and appraise the most cost-effective size of mill size baler based on your waste volumes.

6. How much are QCR's mill size balers?

Depends on chosen model.

The cost of a baler depends on the model you choose. Whilst a smaller baler will be cheaper, if you have large amounts of waste a larger mill size baler is likelly to be more efficient and will generate a higher financial return for your bales. We can help you create a cost-benefit analysis to present to your organisation and also help you calculate the return on investment from a baler installation. 

7. Do you offer mill size bale collection?

No, but we will introduce you to our trusted local recycler network.

Mill size bales when collected in bulk are a valuable commodity. If you have purchased or hired one of our mill size baling machines from us, QCR can introduce you to a trusted local recycler who can collect your mill size bales and in most cases, provide you with a rebate if your mill size bales qualify in terms of quantity collected and quality of bale.

8. Do you offer mill size carpet balers?

Yes, we have new and used carpet balers for sale.

Carpet balers can be used to reduce the disposal costs of carpet when compared with skips. Our team can advise you which of our machines you can use to bale carpet and which type of banding to use. We can also introduce you to a specialist carpet recycler.

9. Do you offer Mill Size Baler trials?

Yes, you can book a Mill Size Baler machine demonstration at your workplace

QCR are happy to offer Mill Size Baler trials to businesses in the UK (subject to some geographical restrictions). However, as specialist equipment is needed to deliver the machine to your site, we will ask you to cover this delivery cost prior to the trial. The good news is that if you decide to keep the machine, the delivery cost will be refunded.