QCR Recycling Equipment & Sustainability

The Head Office of QCR Recycling Equipment features rooftop solar panels, electric car charging points, motion-sensitive office lighting, water efficient toilets, compost bins, a flourishing garden and recycling points around the building.

Solar Panel Installation by Mypower
Mypower Solar installers

In 2014 Mypower installed 50kWp of solar PV panels onto the shared offices of QCR Recycling Equipment and Mypower. Since then, the panels have produced 440,000 kWh of electricity and have created QCR a saving of over £100,000 - a staggering amount in only 10 years! The 200 panels generate enough electricity to cover our energy requirements with any surplus sold back to the grid contributing to the savings we’ve achieved so far.

The 200 panels generate more than enough electricity to cover our requirements with any surplus sold back to the grid.

Sustainable Business Initiatives 

In addition to the solar panels, QCR have also installed LED lighting throughout the building and vehicle charging points for our fleet. All the food and canteen waste from our busy workshop and offices goes into the compost system of our beautiful gardens. The resulting compost goes onto the soil improving its structure, fertility and bio-diversity.

Who are Mypower?

Mypower are an award winning team offering high quality solar PV and commercial solar panels at competitive rates. To see how much your business could reduce your electricity bills by running your business and/or fleet on clean, sustainable energy give them a call on 01242 620894, email info@mypoweruk.com or take a look at their website www.mypoweruk.com