Mypower - Renewable energyMypower Solar installers

Mypower, the sister company of QCR, design, supply and install solar photovoltaic (PV) systems, which enable you to generate your own electricity which is sustainable and cheaper than grid purchased electricity.  

In 2014 Mypower installed 50kWp of solar PV panels on the roof of Quercus house (our head office building). Since then it has generated 220,000 kWh of electricity which means a huge saving of £63,500 in our electricity bills! The 200 panels generate enough electricity to cover our energy requirements each year and since we’ve installed LED lighting throughout the building we’ve reduced our energy consumption further. We sell any surplus energy back to the grid meaning we also generate an income which contributes to the savings we’ve achieved with agriculutral and industrial solar panels.

They also install electric vehicle charging points and can talk to you about battery storage options too. 

They pride their work on the experience and excellence they bring to every customer they meet. Mypower are an award winning, small and personable team offering high quality solar PV and commercial solar panels at competitive rates. To see how much your business could reduce your electricity bills by running your business and/or fleet on clean, sustainable energy give them a call on 01242 620894, email or take a look at their website