Plastic Balers for Hire or Purchase

Baling plastic packaging waste such as shrink wrap, polythene film and PET bottles is the most effective and low cost method of recycling plastic waste if you're a business in the UK. QCR supply a wide range of high quality Balers and Plastic Compactors suitable for a wide variety of businesses from those producing small volumes to larger companies looking to achieve the best possible returns on high amounts of plastic waste.

Almost any plastic recyclable material can be baled, increasing its value and reducing its volume. It's easy to start baling recyclable plastics by purchasing or hiring a Plastic Baler from QCR. Get in touch and we will conduct a no-obligation free site survey and we can show you how a plastic waste baler can help to save you money, time and space. If you need more convincing, why not ask us about trialling a machine for free?

If you have a limited budget we also have lots of refurbished used plastic baling machines for sale, these machines sell quickly so please contact us for our lastest prices & availability.

Small & Medium Plastic Balers - Hydraulic Range

QCR’s range of small Plastic Balers with a are perfect for companies who have low to medium streams of plastic waste which they want to bale. These balers need a 13amp socket making them simple to install.


Man Using a H1 Small Plastic Baler

QCR H1 Small Plastic Baler

Our smallest hydraulic waste baler with specific compacting modes for plastic and cardboard waste. This mini waste baler is perfect for organisations with limited space and can be located inside or outside. Conforms to EN16500:2014 Safety Standards.

Optional Extras: Metal Can Crushing Conversion Kit 


Man Using a H3 Plastic Baler


QCR H3 Plastic Baler

This medium plastic baler features a bale-out kicker to reduce manual handling. It has a semi-automatic baling cycle for easy operation.This baler can compact plastic shrinkwrap, plastic film, polythene and cardboard packaging. 

Alternative: Low-height machine available

Man Using a H4 Medium Plastic Baler

QCR H4 Medium Plastic Baler

This medium plastic compacting machine has the footprint of a euro pallet and produces neat bales secured with baler banding. This baler can tackle both plastic and cardboard waste making it a great dual-material machine, just remember to bale different waste types separately.


Man Using a H7 Medium Plastic Baler

QCR H7 Semi Automatic Plastic Baler

This hydraulic waste baler is probably the largest single phase plastic baler available in the UK with a pressing force of up to 10 tonnes. It has a large aperture designed for efficient loading of bulky plastic waste and cardboard waste material which is compacted with ease. This vertical hydraulic baler is great for businesses who want to maxmise workplace recycling operations.

Small & Medium Sized Plastic Balers - Pneumatic Range

Our small vertical Plastic Baler Machines are perfect for companies who have their own airline, or if you prefer, we can supply you with a QCR Compressor. They are a great solution for SME's including retailers, hospitality businesses and maufacturers.

Man Using a QCR 102 Plastic Baler


QCR 102 Small Plastic Baler

Our best value small plastic baler with a low weekly rental cost (minimum term applies). This small pneumatic baler is ideal for installation in places with space restrictions. It is powered by compressed air and can be installed inside or outside. Can also crush cardboard boxes.

Optional extras: Air Compressor or Plastic Bag Stand


Man Using a 205 Plastic Baler

QCR 205 Air-Powered Plastic Baler

Powered by compressed air, this machine can compact soft plastic waste into neat bales. It can also handle cardboard waste, making it a great dual-material baler.

Optional extras: Air Compressor or Extra-wide door


Man Using a QCR 305 Plastic Baler

QCR 305 Medium Plastic Baler

This machine was been fully refurbished by our in-house team and provides excellent value for money. It is ideal for businesses with bulkier plastic waste as it has a deep chamber for efficient loading of materials.

Twin-ram version also available


Large and Mill Size Plastic Balers

Our large and mill size plastic balers produce dense bales of to help maximise the revenue you could earn from your plastic waste. We have new and refurbished mill size plastic balers available for sale and rental.

Man Using a QCR 509 Large Plastic Baler


QCR 509 Large Plastic Baler

This is a high performance and great value large baler for plastic waste including plastic food packaging, pallet wrap and shrink wrap. This is our largest pneumatic vertical baler which can also compress cardboard waste including whole boxes and fruit trays with ease. 

Optional extra: Air Compressor


Man Using a H10 Mill Size Plastic Baler


QCR H10 Mill Size Plastic Baler

Maximise the potential of turning your plastic waste into revenue by adding a mill size plastic baler to your waste handling team. This vertical mill size baler is suitable for businesses who handle large volumes of plastic and/or cardboard waste and want to compress it into valuable mill size bales. All types of plastic waste can be baled, increasing its value whilst reducing its volume.



Man Using a H20 Mill Size Plastic Baler


QCR H20 Mill Size Plastic Baler

This robust extra wide mill size baler for plastics has a twin compacting ram and sliding guillotine door for efficient waste handling. It can bale most types of plastic waste into valuable mill size bales including drinks bottles, shrink wrap, pallet wrap, food packaging and polythene. This hydraulic mill size baler can also be used for baling cardboard waste making it a great versatile choice.

Man Using a QCR V50 Plastic Baler


QCR V50 Refurbished Mill Size Plastic Baler

A powerful and great value used mill size plastic baler capable of compacting many different types of material The mill size plastic bales it produces achieve the greatest returns from Recyclers.

Optional Extra: Sliding Door Opening




Frequently Asked Questions

Learn more about plastic recycling in the workplace and the benefits of choosing QCR:

1. What is the price of Plastic Baler hire?

Starts at £14.91 ex VAT per week.

The plastic baler rental price depends on the length of the contract and the size of baler you choose. Our small plastic baler costs only £14.91 per week (excl VAT) to hire which includes installation, delivery, training and servicing when installed at a UK address (some geographical restrictions apply). When researching the best plastic baler rental near you, you'll be reassured to know that from our three centres in the UK, QCR can offer this service to the majority of the UK. The top 3 benefits of renting baling equipment from us are:

  • All rental options include free breakdown cover and servicing from our Safe Contractor accredited team
  • Free delivery and free ongoing staff training included in the hire price (including training documents)
  • Upgrade at any time during the contract to a larger machine without penalty mid-contract if your volumes change

2. What is a Plastic Baler?

A machine that compresses and then secures bales with tape / banding.

A plastic baler is a machine which compresses waste plastic into easily manageable bales which are secured with banding or tape. Plastic waste balers can significantly reduce the costs of disposal when compared to using bins or skips. 

3. What types of plastic can be compacted using a Plastic Baler?

You can use a Plastic Baler for crushing plastic fruit trays, PET drinks bottles, milk bottles, polythene, shrinkwrap, plastic packaging and jazz plastics to name just a few. If you are not sure if your material can be compacted, why not contact us to arrange a free site survey and machine trial.

4. Do you have Used Plastic Balers for sale?


QCR sell used plastic balers with a 12 month warranty (parts and labour). These machines offer great value for money for any business on a budget (who isn't!) and have been expertly serviced by our team of Engineers. Our stock of refurbished plastic baling machines is spread across our three workshops in the UK and due to their popularity we don't have them listed individually online. Choose the machine size you'd prefer and then contact to find out about current availability & pricing.

5. Do you provide Waste Baler Aftersales Support?


QCR have been supplying waste baling equipment since 1999, our wide range of balers are built to last therefore you can expect many years of hassle-free baling of your plastic packaging waste. For added reassurance, our knowledgeable team who are accredited by the SafeContractor scheme, will support your organisation by providing:

  • Free delivery on selected Plastic Baling Consumables - All QCR Recycling Equipment Customers benefit from a free UK mainland delivery service on baling tapes & baler banding to secure your bales and also baler oil to keep your machine lubricated
  • Free Plastic Baler Operator Training - QCR provide free in-person baler training to all mainland UK customers on the day of installation which is certified by our team. Those customers who are hiring a compacting machine from us also have the reassurance of free refresher training at any point during their contractual term if you add new staff to your team
  • Free Comprehensive Baler Instruction Manual - We will supply your team with a detailed instruction booklet which will provide you with guidance on how to use your machine safely and efficiently to deliver a speedy ROI.

6. Why should I choose QCR Recycling Equipment?

QCR have supplied quality waste balers and compactors for over 25 years and are considered a leading provider in the UK, for added reassurance you'll receive:

  • Support from our knowledgeable and accredited team who have been awarded Safe Contractor status due to our excellence in health & safety
  • Free introduction to our network of trusted Plastic Bale Recyclers
  • Purchased equipment is supplied with a 12 month warranty with the option to extend this with a QCR Servicing Agreement
  • We can provide you with free advice on recyclers, material revenue and reducing your waste costs
  • Excellent customer service from our team of Waste Experts, view our lastest Customer Reviews on our Google Business Profile

If you have any more questions Talk to the baler experts at QCR – we’ve got a wide range of equipment to save you money on your trade waste costs.