Solutions to overflowing bins

The numerous day-to-day challenges of running a successful business in the UK can sometimes mean that you lose track of the growing problems in your bin store. There is nothing more disheartening than finding your commercials bin overloaded with waste, especially if your next collection isn't for a couple of days. A quick fix from your registered waste carrier is likely to be expensive but once you've solved the short term problem, why not try our 3 step plan to prevent overflowing bins in the future:

How to get help with overflowing commercial bins:

  1. Contact QCR and arrange a free waste audit with one of our friendly Waste Experts (they're an approachable, non-judgemental bunch of people who love nothing more than saving businesses money on their waste costs!)
  2. Our Waste Expert visits your business and uses their knowledge of waste management to help you form a plan to prevent overflowing bins. In this plan they may suggest that you trial one of our Cardboard Balers/Plastic Balers or Waste Compactors to give you hands-on experience of using our waste compressing machines.
  3. As our Waste Audit is offered with no obligation to purchase or rent a machine, our Waste Expert will drive away leaving you to consider which of our recommendations (if any) you'd like to try. 

Overflowing bins are best avoided by any business. First and foremost, they give a bad first impression about your business to anyone that sees them, whether they are staff or customers. Having rubbish strewn across your bin store can also give the impression that you have poor hygiene in other areas of your business. If you have lots of competitors in the local area and rely on passing trade, a potential customer or employee may choose to go elsewhere. Secondly, mess surrounding your bins could result in your business receiving a fine from the council or a complaint from a neighbouring property. This is because businesses all have a legal responsibility to manage their waste and not having an appropriate solution in place could lead to problems, particularly in built-up areas. Many waste firms will not collect any excess commercial waste left next to or on top your commercial bins because it is over and above the service that you have paid for. In addition to this loose waste outside of a bin results in additional manual handling. Thirdly, they can attract unwanted activity from pests or anti-social behaviour. Lockable commercial bins that cannot be secured because they contain too much waste can result in an array of problems, all of which are not cheap nor quick to resolved. And finally, they are an expensive often resulting in costly emergency bin collections or bin overweight charges. When it comes to overflowing bins, our belief is prevention is always better (and more cost-effective) than cure!

Our top 5 solutions to overcoming overflowing commercial bins are:

  1. Remove recyclable waste from your commercial bins and bale it instead
  2. Use a bin compactor to squash your rubbish
  3. Re-purpose your cardboard waste by shredding it using a heavy-duty Cardboard Shredder
  4. Compact empty containers such as bottles, tins, drums, cans before they are disposed of
  5. Remove any liquid content through a process called de-watering


Costly Over Flowing Bins - QCR Solution

Costly Overflowing Bins - The Solution From QCR


When it comes to Waste Management, each business has its own unique set of challenges. Luckily, QCR have a wide range of solutions to offer for businesses of all sizes and in all industries. Where possible, all our our free site surveys are conducted at your premises so we can assess your waste volume and space. We'll also appraise any space or noise restrictions you have and suggest a tried-and-tested solution to help you prevent overflowing bins in the future.

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