5 Benefits of Waste Baling

If your business isn't currently baling your recyclable waste, you could be missing out on the following benefits:

1. A waste baler can save your business money

Businesses who bale their recyclable waste using a waste baler instead of placing it in bins have lower waste collection fees. This is because baling reduces the number of bins you need and/or reduces the frequency that your bins need to be emptied. You can calculate the potential cost savings of installing a waste baling at your premises by considering:

  • How much does it cost to empty your dry mixed recyclables bins (also known as DMR bins) per week?
  • How many bins of cardboard and/or plastic to you pay to dispose of each week?
  • How many hours per week do your team spend manually flattening boxes so that the waste fits in the bin?

In the case of cardboard waste, a cardboard baler can condense many bins of cardboard waste into a single cardboard bale. With our waste baler hire prices starting at only £14.91/week ex VAT  in comparison to a commercial recycling bin of waste costing approximately £14 per 1100l empty in 2023, then it's very likely that a QCR Waste Baler can save your business money on cardboard waste. At our Free Waste Audit, one of our team can help you calculate the actual ROI of a Waste Baler based on what you are currently paying in waste fees to check it will deliver you a positive financial return. 

2. A waste baler can save your business time

Manually squashing cardboard or plastic packaging waste in order for it to fit in your bins is not only an unpopular task with your team, it's also an inefficient way to handle your waste. If your team are spending time manually compressing waste cardboard or plastics, we'd recommend you look at our range of waste balers which can mechanically flatten your waste packaging.

What's more, if your bins are located far away from premises, your team are probably having to carry rubbish to the bins, again wasting time. Our smallest cardboard baler which can also handle soft plastics can be located close to where waste is created whether it be a kitchen, stockroom or at the end of a production line.

3. A waste baler can save your business space

Our smallest cardboard & soft plastic balers takes up only half of the space of a bin, yet can process the equivalent of many bins of waste material. We also have balers specifically designed for places with low ceiling heights or where noise must be kept to a minimum. If you don't think you have the necessary space or access requirements, why not invite one of our team to conduct a free, no obligation site survey?

Waste Balers are fully weatherproof and so can be installed both inside and outside, for the greatest efficiency we recommend locating it as close to the source of the waste as possible. We can also supply galvanised waste balers if you are lucky enough to live near the coast.

4. A waste baler can reduce your carbon footprint

It is more environmentally friendly and efficient for Waste Collection Businesses to transport baled cardboard or baled soft plastics than loose material. This leads to fewer waste collection vehicles on the road. 

5. A waste baler can improve your business operations

In addition to the obvious savings above, many of our 4000+ customers have reported many other benefits of having a waste baler on site including:

  • Improvements to health & safety KPI's
  • Improvements to overall site security
  • Improvements to working environments
  • Revenue generation from Waste Collection Businesss

Not convinced? Here are more reasons to try a QCR Waste Baler...

  • Free Waste Baler Trials 

Following your free no obligation site survey with one of our friendly team, if we've identified that a Baler or Plastic Compactor will positively improve your business in most cases (subject to some geographical restrictions and machine availability) we'll let your business trial it for free. This will allow you to demonstrate to your own team the benefits created by Waste Balers.

  •  Fixed prices on Waste Baler Hire

Our popular baler rental options offer our customers fixed prices throughout the term. Landfill tax increases by 3% every year and this means bin suppliers have to pass these costs onto their customers. Balers are not affected by landfill tax so have no risings costs to pass on!

  •  Included 12 Month Warranty on all Waste Balers & Compactors

This warranty covers parts & labour in the unlikley event of an issue on all purchased QCR Balers & Compactors giving your business added reassurance.