Meet our QCR Waste Experts

When you book a FREE SITE SURVEY you'll be contacted by one of our nationwide Waste Experts. Each one of our Business Waste Experts work in a different part of the UK so they can provide you with the best business recycling advice based on their local knowledge. 

There isn't anything this team of trade waste experts don't know about Cardboard Balers, Waste Compactors and other types of Recycling Equipment! Whether you are baffled by bin compactors or curious about cardboard balers, they are happy to advise you on the best recycling solution for your UK business, organisation or charity.

Our experts will review your current method of waste management and identify ways in which a QCR cardboard baler, waste baler or bin compactor can save you money on your business waste. When it comes to recommending a recycling solution for your business, they will consider your budget, space and day-to-day operations. They will also discuss waste baler rental and waste baler purchase options on both new and used balers for waste cardboard, plastics and many other recyclable materials. QCR's range of refurbished plastic compactors are a great cost-effective way to reduce the cost of disposing of recyclable waste materials created by businesses such as cardboard and plastics. If you need a waste baler delivered quickly, they can advise you which models of new and used recycling balers are currently in stock and ready for fast delivery.

Whether you decide to rent a baler or buy a baler from us, our Waste Experts can also introduce you to local recyclers who will organise removal of your baled recyclable materials. They can also advise you on options regarding rebates to make sure you are making the most of your waste.

Meet our QCR Technical Experts

Our team of waste baler and waste compactor technical experts are based in 3 centres around the UK. They prepare our range of new cardboard balers and new waste compactors for delivery. In addition to this they also refurbish used cardboard balers, used bin compactors and used recycling equipment. So if you are on a tight budget (who isn't?!) they can can provide you with quote for a used cardboard baler, used mill size baler or used bin compactor which has been refurbished to a high standard.

If you need to purchase baler tape, baler banding or other consumables for your recycling baler, please contact our team for advice. If you already know what size of baler tape or baler banding you need, you can order using our online shop.