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Let QCR help reduce your waste costs

QCR can reduce your can and drum waste. We will organise a free site survey at your convenience, where we will determine the ideal machine for you. A free trial will always be offered on our range of can and drum compactors – try before you decide.

If you decide a QCR tin can crusher or heavy duty aluminium drum crusher is the right piece of equipment for you, then there are both rental and purchase options open to you with multi crush and aluminium can crushers available. A QCR rental comes fully maintained, meaning you won’t be charged for any deliveries, installations, breakdowns, maintenance and ongoing training. All of this is covered, giving you peace of mind.

Basic industries can benefit from our easy pull tin can crusher. These aluminium can crushers are far more powerful than foot operated beer can crushers that you may find with a built in bottle opener, as these are not adequate crushers in commercial industries. 

Manual action and often wall mounting crushers they sell on Amazon are far more preferable in a domestic environment as they only have the ability to crush one aluminum soda can or drum at a time. The process is conducted manually via a soft grip handle lever, which is pulled to crush beer soda drinks cans product down to around 1/6th of its original size.

Contact QCR today for a friendly chat and we will get the ball rolling straight away with a free site survey to review the benefits to your business of having a can crusher for recycling.

QCR Can Crushers

QCR 30HDXL can crusherWith our high quality and reliable QCR can crushers, your business can easily reduce its metal soda cans volumes by up to 75%. QCR’s can and drum crushers will…

  • Save money, space and time
  • Reduce voluminous recycling bin numbers and lifts
  • Stop bins overflowing
  • Stop you paying to dispose of air
  • Improve your carbon footprint ​​​​​​
  • Protect you from landfill tax rises
  • Potential to offer rebates for crushed cans at recycling centres - you can earn money by taking aluminium cans to some recycling facilities. 

If your business is putting all its waste cans into bins then you probably find these bins fill up in very little time and are costly to have emptied. You may also find your aluminium cans enter the general waste stream, which sends them to landfill. This is unnecessary and not an environmentally friendly way of can waste disposal. Thankfully, QCR’s aluminium can crusher will put an end an end to this.

With less waste heading to landfill, a much tidier waste area and fewer bin collections from high emitting waste lorries, your green credentials will rise considerably from having an aluminum can crusher.

We find our can compactors are ideal for:

  • QCR 101 can crusherCar garages
  • Fast food outlets
  • Food producers
  • Restaurants
  • Manufacturers
  • Paint and spraying firms

These are high volume users who would be best suited to using can crushers rather than collection bins.

QCR 101 Can Crusher

Our pneumatic 101 can press will compress cans, tins, drums or buckets up to 30 litres. Its powerful ram and robustness means it will reduce volumes by up to 90%, turning whole cans into a compacted piece of metal. The 101’s drain plug will flow away any excess residue from the crushed cans. With no electrical parts, the 101 is simple to clean and maintain. Reduce your expensive bin numbers and collections with the QCR 101 can crusher.

QCR 30HDXL can crusher

QCR’s hydraulic 30HDXL can press will again crush any can, tin, drum or bucket up to 30 litres. With an 8 tonnes pressing force, the 30HDXL will reduce volumes by up to 10:1. The wide legs on this can press means a bin can fit underneath perfectly. With a slot at the back of the machine, crushed food cans are pushed through, straight into the bin for easy disposal. A liquid filter ensures all residue is sent down a pipe into a container, keeping the 30HDXL free of mess. Reduce your expensive bin numbers and collections with the QCR 30HDXL can crusher.

Read how QCR helped a Devon, marine equipment supplier with a QCR 30HDXL can press.

QCR drum crusherQCR Drum Crusher

Our hydraulic drum crusher is ideal for 207 litre oil drums and is highly recommended for any company wanting to reduce its disposal costs of oil, liquid or chemical drums. With a 19 tonne press plate force, the QCR drum crusher will reduce volumes 6:1 – ideal if you want to save space, money, and time. With a 35 litre drip tray located at the bottom of the machine, all residue can easily be disposed of, leaving the machine free of mess. Reduce your expensive bin numbers and collections with the QCR drum crusher.


These recycling tools offer liquid filters to drain and oil or paint with is then recycled separately. Don't pay to bin air in an uncrushed can or drum, start saving today with QCR.

QCR 101 30 Litre Can Compactor QCR 30HDXL Can Press QCR 207L Drum Crusher
QCR 101 30 Litre Can Compactor
Solution for compacting tins, cans, drums, and buckets
QCR 30HDXL Can Press
8 tonne can & drum press with liquid filter
QCR 207L Drum Crusher
Crushes drums up to 207 litres with liquid filter