Industrial Can Crusher & Drum Recycling Equipment

QCR can reduce your can and drum waste costs with our range of Can & Drum Recycling Equipment which is available for hire or purchase. If all your empty cans or drums are going into bins then you probably find that they fill up quickly and are costly to have emptied. Due to current legislation, all UK businesses must try to keep their business waste to a minimum and our range of Drum & Can Recycling Equipment can help with this.

Benefits of using a Commercial Can or Drum Crusher

QCR’s high quality and reliable robust crushing equipment can easily and safely reduce cans and drum volumes by up to 90%. Your business will benefit from:

  • Reduce the number of bins/skips needed on site
  • Stop you paying to dispose of air in an uncrushed can/drum
  • Improve your carbon footprint and boost sustainability
  • Protect you from landfill tax rises
  • Offer potential for rebates for crushed cans & drums




QCR CP30A Pneumatic Paint Can Crusher

For cans and tins from 1 to 30 litres up to 480mm in height

Special Features: Drain plug drains any excess residue from crushed cans

Optional Extra: Air compressor





QCR 101 Used Paint Can Crusher

For cans and tins up to 400mm in height

Special Features: Can be located inside or outside

Optional Extra: Air compressor





QCR CP30H Hydraulic Can Crusher

For cans and tins from 1 to 30 litres up to 480mm in height

Special Features: Bin fits underneath the crusher. Liquid Filter. Expels empty cans.








QCR CP30HDXL Hydraulic Steel Can Crusher

For cans and tins from 1 to 30 litres up to 480mm in height

Special Features: Waste liquid extraction point to capture any residue









QCR Hydraulic Drum Crusher

For drums and barrels up to 207 litres or 45 gallons

Special Features: 35L liquid collection tray








QCR H3 Aluminium Can Baler

For aluminium cans or PET plastic bottles

Special Features: Dropdown door for easy loading







QCR Oil Filter Crusher                                                                                         

For used oil filters and cans up to 480mm in height

Volume Reduction: Varies by type of oil filter. In our trials, we achieved 50-70%.

Special Features: Drains excess oil for separate disposal


Frequently Asked Questions

1. How does a Paint Can Crusher work?

Paint Can Crushers compact empty cans to a fraction of their original size therefore dramatically reducing costs of disposal (for those that pay by volume) and storage space required.

2. How much does a Paint Can Crusher cost?

Prices start from approximately £20 per week (ex VAT) which includes installation by our SafeContrator accredited team, free ongoing staff training and routine machine servicing.

3. What are the benefits of an Industrial Can Compactor?

Less waste cans heading to landfill, a much tidier waste area and fewer bin collections

4. Can you use a Can Crusher if there is oil or paint left in the tin?

Yes, some Industrial Can Crushers supplied by QCR can capture liquids during the compaction process.

Learn more by reading our detailed news articles on Paint Can Compactors including:

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Aftersales Support

QCR always aim to deliver high levels of aftersales support to all our customers. When exploring who the best can crusher rental near you, you'll be pleased to find out that from our three regional centres in the UK, QCR can provide can/drum compactor rental options to the majority of the UK. In addition to this when choosing to work with us you can expect:

  • We are a leading UK provider of can & drum rental services with over 25 years' experience of offering this type of equipment
  • Free introduction to our trusted network of metal recyclers throughout the UK or you can continue to use your own Waste Collection Firm
  • Free training certification, method statements and risk assesments for your can/drum compacting equipment
  • If you have purchased your equipment, you can extend the original 12 month warranty by purchasing a Service Agreement from us
  • Support from our knowledgeable and accredited team who have been awarded Safe Contractor status due to our excellence in health & safety