EPS Polystyrene Compactors

Compacted EPS Polystyrene blocks have a high recyclable value with some Recyclers paying around £600 per tonne for high quality used material. QCR can also help you get the best rates for your waste EPS by introducing you to a buyer from our trusted network of Recyclers.

Having lots of Styrofoam® waste needn't be a problem for your business as baling it is easy with QCR’s range of EPS polystyrene compactors which are available to hire or purchase. From small standalone compaction units to larger machines that can be placed within a production line, our broad range of EPS densifiers can automatically compact waste EPS into stackable blocks that can be sold for recycling. We have a number of options depending on the amount and type of waste you have, whether it be EPS, EPP, XPS and EPE, each option supplied with an extensive warranty.

Take advantage of our no obligation free site survey where our team of experienced Waste Experts will be able to recommend the perfect polystyrene recycling solution for your business to save money, time and space on EPS disposal. Whether it be fish boxes, packaging from electrical goods or something similiar, if you are currently bagging it or placing it in a skip, you'll be glad to know that compacting it is less laborious, more environmentally friendly and potentially more lucrative way to dispose of it!

  • 25 years' experience of supplying EPS Compaction Equipment for hire or purchase

  • Our team of engineers carry out installation & operator training 

  • Free breakdown cover, servicing and maintenance for customers who hire an EPS Compactor from us



QCR Lion Foam Compactor


QCR Lion Waste Compactor Range

A highly versatile bulk polystyrene waste compactor with pre-breaker and 20 different programmes for optimal compaction of many different types of waste. Manfacturers and retailers utilise this equipment for compacting EPS, EPP, XPS insulation boards or EPE foam into blocks up to 400 x 400 mm which can be sold to recyclers to generate a revenue for your organisation.

Materials compacted: EPS, EPP, XPS insulation board and EPE

Capacity: up to 400kg/hour (dependant on model & material type)

Machine aperture: up to 1400 x 700 mm

Compaction ratio: Up to 50:1 (dependant on model & material type)

Recommended for: Dry materials

Machine options: 4 different sizes of waste compactor available

  • Hire or purchase available


QCR Tiger EPS compactors


QCR Tiger Original EPS Compactor Range

A machine for compacting dry polystyrene waste in bulk to turn it into blocks which can be sold for recycling. By compacting your used polystyrene packaging waste you could generate new revenue for your organisation and dramatically reduce your waste costs.

Materials compacted: EPS Polystyrene, Styrofoam®, Extruded polystyrene foam

Capacity: up to 200kg/hour (dependant on model & material type)

Achievable Waste Compaction: up to 250-350kg/m³ (dependant on model & type of waste being processed)

Compaction ratio: Up to 40:1 (dependant on model & material type)

Thickness of waste material which can be processed: up to 400mm

Recommended for: Compacting polystyrene waste into blocks

Machine options: 5 different sizes of waste compactor available

  • Hire or purchase available




QCR Tiger Ocean EPS Compactor Range

EPS Compaction Machinery designed specifically for processing wet EPS waste with 7 different settings and a corrosion-resistant design. This machine is ideal for compacting EPS fish boxes into blocks to reduce disposal costs. By compacting your fish boxes you not only make savings in landfill taxes, you could also generate revenue for your organisation and boost sustainability.

Materials compacted: EPS Polystyrene, Styrofoam®

Processing Capacity: up to 200kg/hour (dependant on model & material type)

Achievable Waste Compaction: up to 250-350kg/m³ (dependant on model & material type)

Compaction ratio: Up to 40:1 volume reduction (dependant on model & material type)

Thickness of waste material which can be processed: up to 400mm

Recommended for: Wet EPS Waste

Machine options: 5 different sizes of waste compactor available

  • Hire or Purchase Available



QCR Medium EPS Polystyrene Compactor

For small to medium volumes of waste, we'd recommend this polystyrene recycling machine. Instead of sending waste to landfill, this machine will turn your waste into valuable blocks which can be purchased by local or national recyclers.

Materials compacted: EPS Polystyrene, Expanded Polystyrene, Styrofoam

Door opening: H 510 x W 860 x D 960mm

Processing capacity: Up to 70kg/hour of waste material

Machine output: Makes blocks of material 270 x 270 mm up to 300kg per m3

Waste compaction ratio: Up to 40:1 volume reduction on polystyrene

How does it work? This machine compresses polystyrene into briquette which can then be sold to recyclers.



QCR Small EPS Polystyrene Compactor

With a small footprint, this EPS compacting machine is ideal for retailers such as fishmongers, electrical retailers or food manufacturers who want to make their waste handling more sustainable. This expanded polystyrene compactor gives businesses the opportunity to convert polystyrene waste into revenue whilst also reducing disposal costs and freeing up space.

Materials compacted: EPS Polystyrene, Expanded Polystyrene

Door opening: H 510 x W 860 x D 460mm

Processing capacity: Up to 15kg/hour of waste material

Machine output: Makes blocks of material 137 x 137mm with a density of < 300g/litre (<300 kg/m³)

Waste compaction ratio: Up to 40:1 volume reduction

How does it work? This machine turns your waste materials into a compacted polystyrene briquette which can then be sold for recycling


Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are EPS fishboxes recyclable?

EPS (Expanded polystyrene) fish boxes are commonly used in the seafood industry for storing and transporting all types of chilled foods. However many wholesalers, retailers and processors find disposing of used fish boxes to be a tricky problem due to their bulky nature. Luckily for businesses in the UK, recycling fish boxes is an easy thing to implement and by installing a recycling machine they can significantly reduce their waste costs vs. the alternative which is disposing of them in landfill.

2. What is an EPS Compactor?

An EPS compactor is a type of commercial recycling machine that squeezes EPS waste into stackable blocks that can be sold to Recyclers. EPS is 98% air so by compacting your waste materials, a business can save money on disposal and space on their premises.

We can offer Polystyrene Balers for either purchase or rental depending on the needs of your business. Our EPS baling machines have varying capacities and openings and are a worthwhile investment to all businesses who have lots of EPS waste.

3. Can polystyrene be recycled in the UK?

Only certain types of polystyrene are recyclable in the UK so you must first determine what type of polystyrene waste your business has. If you have EPS, then the good news for your business and the environment is that it can be recycled. For recycling purposes, waste EPS packaging can be categorised into two distinct groups: clean (for example used electronics packaging) or contaminated (for example used food packaging).

There are many different types and sizes of EPS waste but luckily, our Waste Experts are happy to visit your site (on a no-obligation basis) to help you choose the most appropriate compactor for it. 

We also have recycling machinery for processing XPS (extruded polystrene waste), EPP and EPE (Expanded Polythylene) into highly compressed blocks which are stackable (as they will not re-expand after the material has been processed). If generated in significant volume, these blocks can then be sold to Recyclers giving your business a new income stream.

4. Can my business hire a EPS Polystyrene Baler?

All our QCR EPS Polystyrene Baling machines are available to rent or purchase. If you choose to rent a machine you will also get the benefit of free delivery, free installation, free servicing & breakdown cover. We'll also provide your team with free ongoing training and provide you with training records. The price of a Polystyrene Baler to rent per month is fixed throughout the contract. Our EPS baling machines for rental are ideal for businesses in the fishing industry, construction industry, electrical retailers, manufactures and recyclers. They are available to purchase or rent, our Waste Experts can give you a range of options to suit all budgets. 

5. How can my business make money from Polystyrene Recycling?

If you recycle your polystyrene instead of sending it to landfill, your business will save money on the Landfill Tax which is currently £102.10 per tonne for standard rated waste. And, if produced in large quantities it's also possible to get paid for your baled Polystyrene blocks by Recycling Companies who will collect them from your premises. The prices paid depend on quality, quantity and market conditions but could be around £600 per tonne. The blocks of compacted polystyrene can be stacked easily prior to collection. Our team of Waste Experts can introduce you to our trusted network of local recyclers to ensure you get the best prices and service for your polystyrene waste collection.

6. What is Polystyrene made of?

Polystyrene is an organic polymer. It's made up of hydrogen and carbon.

7. How long does Polystyrene take to decompose?

If Polystyrene isn’t recycled and is sent to landfill instead, it can take hundreds of years to decompose therefore it’s really important for businesses with waste polystyrene to look into an eco-friendly way to recycle it. One of the first steps could be a no-obligation free waste audit with one of our friendly Waste Experts.

8. Are Polystyrene and Styrofoam the same thing?

Styrofoam™ is a trademarked brand of insulation products used in the Construction Industry made by DuPont™. The majority of their insulation products are made from extruded polystyrene (XPS) but it's recommended to contact the manufacturer for a definitive answer.

9. How do I recycle EPS Polystrene?

Expanded polystyrene (EPS) is a recyclable material. Placing it in landfill is not only bad news for the environment, its bulky nature means it is often expensive to dispose of as bins and skips fill up quickly as many waste removal firms charge by volume and not by weight. The good news for businesses is that expanded polystyrene (EPS) is 100% recyclable and can also be compacted on your own premises to save space and money. This is because by using a QCR Compactor, you can bale your waste into blocks that can be stacked neatly at your premises (helping to improve site hygiene) and be collected easily by recyclers.