Quick guide to Recycling Equipment types

Waste Balers 

Waste Balers, sometimes known as compactors or presses, allow you to easily sort, compact and store your waste right from where you generate it. The correct baler installed will save you money, time and space.

Ideal waste types for baling are cardboard and soft plastics such as polyethylene but you can also bale tyres, hard plastics, cans, PET bottles and textiles. 

Hydraulic Vs Pneumatic - This depends on what materials you are baling and the specific needs of your company. Uniquely, QCR offer both types of machines and do so based on what is best for you, the customer, rather then what we have in stock. Check out our differences between hydraulic and pneumatic balers page for further reading.

Size does matter – a common misconception is that recycling balers are huge monsters of equipment. The baby of our family is the 102 waste baler which is the same size of a filing cabinet and a lot smaller then a regular 1100 litre bin. These are perfectly compact for storerooms or small outdoor waste areas. We have even installed these small balers down in cellars, on roofs and even underground in a wine vault! Our vast range of balers move up in size and we really do offer a different baler to fit all waste volumes including mill size vertical and horizontal balers. 

Wheelie Bin and General Waste Compactors

Wheelie Bin compactors are ideal for reducing general waste costs. We have various options available depending on the size of wheelie bins you currently put your waste into. They compact the waste directly in the bin to reduce bins emptying costs. 

Other general waste compactors like the QCR XP compact multiple rubbish bags into one manageable bag to reduce volume size up to 10:1.

Static and mobile waste compactors offer a high compact ratio. These compactors are ideal for handling large volumes of general and wet waste as well as recyclables. 

You can also get cardboard and plastic compactors, excellent for reducing high volumes of waste.

Cardboard packaging shredders

Cardboard shredders turn used cardboard boxes into protective packaging for packing goods and products for delivery. Reusing old cardboard onsite and turning them into packaging is the perfect part to accompany the Reduce, Reuse, Recycle sustainability initiative. 

Industrial Can and Drum Crushers

They do exactly what they say in the tin… they compact cans and drums! Don’t pay to have the air collected in the used drums. Compacting them reduces volume 10:1 so you can fit more material in your bins.

Glass crushers

Glass crushers reduce glass volume by up to 5:1 and costs by up to 60%. With various throughput options we have solutions for pubs and restaurants as well has multi venue sites like shopping centers. 

We also have glass compactors that can turn bottles into sand-like material. Some of our customers have used this sharp free glass sand as aggregate on paths for golf courses and even bricks to build houses.

EPS Polystyrene Compactors 

Polystyrene has a high compaction ratio at 90:1 which makes it ideal for a recycling EPS compactor. There is often value in the briquettes made by the compactors which offer potential for rebates on waste. With a range of EPS compactors, we are happy to advise which one is best suited to your business needs.

And many more…

Our range of recycling equipment doesn’t just stop at the list above. We have options for food waste, PET bottles, fruit trays, dewatering, clinical and hazardous waste to name a few. 

For 22 years we’ve been supplying market leading recycling equipment to help companies reduce waste costs and their environmental impact. Our team will be able to advise which piece of recycling equipment will have a positive impact on your company to help you save money on waste. 

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