Industrial Plastic Compactors

QCR have been a leading supplier of plastic waste compactors in the UK since 1999. Our compaction equipment can help your business to reduce the disposal costs of most types of plastic waste including shrinkwrap, plastic bottles, trays and polythene.

Plastic Compactors mechanically compress plastic waste to reduce overall volume, leading to savings in disposal costs and waste storage space. These commercial waste compaction machines can be powered by hydraulics, pneumatics or electrics and are very simple to use. 


New and Used Plastic Compactor Machines

Our compactor range include both new and refurbished machines, which are supplied with a 12 month warranty and have been thoroughly maintained by our team of technicians. QCR's range of refurbished recycling equipment is a popular choice and often sell out before we have time to list them online, therefore contact us to learn about our machine availability.

Hiring a Plastic Waste Compactor

Compactor rental is a popular choice for many businesses in the UK. The benefits include:

  • Free delivery and installation (some geographical restrictions apply)
  • Free machine servicing and breakdown cover from a Safe Contractor accredited Engineer
  • Free ongoing equipment training and documentation (risk assessments & method statements provided)
  • An inflation proof rental contract with no sneaky annual price increases

QCR offer recycling equipment rental services to the majority of the UK. To find out the further benefits of machine rental, visit our dedicated Rentals page.

Environmental Benefits of Plastic Recycling For Businesses

UK businesses and organisations can become more sustainable by incorporating plastic recycling into their waste handling procedures. This simple act of compressing plastic packaging into bales or condensing within a commercial bin reduces waste volume which makes it more economical to both transport and recycle. If all businesses compacted their loose plastic waste, fewer waste collection vehicles would would be needed in the UK.

Disposing of plastic packaging waste in a sustainable way is an important consideration for most businesses in the UK in light of new waste legislation being implemented by the UK Government from 2024. Understandably, a lot of confusion exists about what types of plastic can be recycled, however, for businesses help is at hand with QCR's Free Plastic Waste Audit. This quick, no obligation meeting with one of our experts at your bin store can help you identify which types of plastic waste can be compacted and recycled.

Plastic Bottle Compactors

A plastic bottle crusher is a recycling machine used to compact empty bottles in bulk. QCR stock a wide variety of PET plastic bottle crushers to compact different sizes and shapes of bottles whether the waste has been created as part of your manufacturing process, within a hospitality business or even from a staff canteen. You can choose from a specialist machine shown below or one of our standard Vertical Plastic Balers, which can compact bottles in addition to many other types of plastic waste.


QCR H3 Plastic Bottle Crusher

This Commercial PET Bottle Baler makes light work of compacting plastic bottles in bulk. It can also crush and bale aluminium cans making it a great solution for drinks bottle and can waste disposal in the workplace.

Materials Compacted: PET Plastic Bottles & Aluminium Cans (bale each waste type separately)

Volume Reduction: Up to 90% bottle compaction

Special Features: Dropdown door for easy loading & small footprint

Services offered

  • Commercial Plastic Bottle Crusher Hire
  • Commercial Plastic Bottle Crushers For Sale


Frequently Asked Questions

1. What types of plastic waste can be compacted?

Plastic compactors can be used to bale shrink wrap, plastic film, plastic bottles, plastic trays, polythene, food packaging and milk bottles. Almost any type of plastic recyclable material can be compacted into bales, increasing its value and reducing its volume.

2. What is a Plastic Waste Compactor?

A plastic waste compactor is a hydraulic or pneumatic machine that compacts plastic waste into plastic bales which are recyclable. By the simple act of baling plastic waste, it is diverted away from bins enabling your business to either reduce the frequency that emptying is required or reduce the number of wheelie bins you need to hire.

3. How is plastic waste disposed by UK businesses?

Many businesses in the UK place their waste into traditional trade waste bins or skips. However, due to the voluminous nature of the material, these bins may fill up quickly, but in terms of weight, contain very little actual material. Plastic compaction is the answer to handling your waste in a more environmentally friendly way.

4. What happens to baled plastic waste?

If you decide to bale your plastic waste using a QCR Plastic Recycling Solution, as part of our QCR Aftersales Support we will introduce you to a trusted company who will collect your bales. If you decide to compact your waste into your bins, you can continue to use your existing waste collection company for emptying. The only difference is that you may now require smaller bins or less frequent collections.