Heavy Duty Cardboard Shredder Hire UK

Looking to save money on packing materials and based in the UK? Why not rent a Cardboard Shredder to shred your waste cardboard into low cost cardboard packaging for your products! This is a brilliant way for ecommerce businesses to save money on packaging costs and boost your sustainability.

Our range of Heavy Duty Cardboard Packaging Shredders are perfect for companies who regularly despatch products and want low cost and bespoke packing materials to protect their goods in transit. Recycling cardboard using a Cardboard Shredder also has the added benefit of saving your organisation money on the cost of disposing of your waste cardboard which would otherwise be placed into bins. They are also great for saving space as you will no longer have to store bulky rolls of bubblewrap or spend time ordering consumables from another supplier. 

If your company produces high volumes of scrap cardboard & corrugated cardboard, an Industrial Cardboard Shredder is a great solution to repurpose and recycle cardboard waste into protective packaging. The packing material created can replace expensive single-use plastic alternatives such as bubblewrap and air pockets and so are favoured by businesses who wish to become more sustainable.

Many of our Industrial Cardboard Shredders (which can also be referred to as cardboard perforators) have adjustable settings allowing you to create tailor-made packing materials. All the QCR range has been specially designed for use in a business setting and are only made with high-quality components making them a great choice for businesses who are looking for a reliable option.

Get in touch today to find out how you can turn your cardboard boxes into packing materials. We're happy to visit your premises for a free no-obligation product demonstration to talk you through the options.


QCR Wide Aperture Cardboard Shredders

Standing over 1m in height, and 0.77m in width our large heavy duty industrial cardboard shredding machines are able to create 2 types of bespoke width packaging by a simple machine adjustment.

Cardboard Thickness Shredded: Up to 3 layers

Machine Dimensions: 1.04m x 0.77m x 0.57m

Power Options: 3 Phase or Single Phase

Shredder Warranty: 2 Years

  • Hire from £29.99 ex VAT per week. All hire agreements include free delivery, free installation, free routine servicing & in-person training



QCR Desktop Cardboard Shredder

A industrial cardboard shredder with adjustable width settings for making bespoke low cost packing materials from waste cardboard.

Cardboard Thickness Shredded: Up to 1 layer

Shredder Warranty: 2 Years

Power Options: Single Phase

  • Hire from £11.88 ex VAT per week. All hire agreements include free delivery, free installation, free routine servicing & in-person training

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How does a Cardboard Shredder work?

There are 2 types of cardboard shredder available, those where you need to pre-trim your cardboard pieces down to a specific size and those that will automatically trim you pieces for you. Luckily, all the shredders offered by QCR have an inbuilt trimmer making them a highly efficient choice.

For those that do not have a trimmer, first you will need to flatten your cardboard boxes and cut into strips of the correct size to feed into the machine, this can be done quickly and easily with a Safety Box Cutter Knife. For those that do have an in-built trimmer, any excess will be cut off automatically. Once the machine has been fed with material, you will receive shredded cardboard that is suitable for packaging, animal bedding and more - at a minimal noise level. Corrugated Cardboard Shredders are perfect for businesses who wish to protect their products from damage but want to avoid using loose fill chips and instead prefer a cardboard-based void fill solution.

Some of our shredders are portable and so can be easily stored away when not being used.

2. Why hire a Cardboard Shredder to make packaging materials?

When shredded, cardboard is a great packaging material due to its cushioning properties and is more environmentally friendly than plastic alternatives such as bubble wrap. There are many different types of packaging materials on the market including loose fill chips, foam protection and air pouches however, they are often expensive to purchase. Hiring a waste cardboard shredder is an ideal way to reduce your organisations costs on packaging materials and also helps to reduce the cost of waste collection for scrap cardboard. If kept clean, your customer will be able to easily recycle or reuse the shredded cardboard packaging after they have received their order.

3. Can I use a Paper Shredder to shred cardboard into packaging materials?

Shredding corrugated cardboard requires a heavy-duty Industrial Cardboard Shredder. QCR has a wide range of different makes and models of machines to choose from. Our team of nationwide Waste Experts can advise which type of shredder will be most suited to your type of cardboard or paper waste, we also offer free product demonstrations to most areas in the UK (sorry, some geographical restrictions apply but for businesses further afield we can send you a video).

4. Can you tell me more about Cardboard Shredder hire UK?

Shredder hire is a great way for businesses to get a robust shredding machine without a large initial finanicial outlay and is a great option if you are a new business, unsure of your future requirements or keen to "try before you buy". Our team of experts can help you decide which Cardboard Shredding Machine to rent as it will depend on the throughput (quantity) of cardboard you want to shred, what type of packaging materials you want to make and how it will be used. QCR has a wide range of different types of Cardboard Recycling Equipment for rental and we want to ensure you get the right machine for your business needs. What's more we're also happy to give you a no-obligation demonstration at your premises so you can get your whole team involved in the decision-making process! All our shredding equipment hire customers benefit from:

  • Free Delivery & Installation
  • Free Breakdown Cover (except in cases where damage has been caused by mis-use)
  • Fixed Hire Price (No CPI price increases during your contract)
  • Free Shredder Servicing by our team of Safe Contractor accredited shredder technicians. They'll also come and help you in the unlikely event of a machine breakdown (providing it has not been caused by improper use).

When exploring who the best provider of cardboard shredder hire near you, you'll be reassured to know that from our 3 centres across the UK, QCR can offer the majority of businesses in the UK rental options on a robust shredding machine.

5. If I rent a Cardboard Shredder but our volume changes how can QCR help?

Commiting to a new rental contract when the outlook is uncertain can be daunting for any business. The good news is that with a QCR rental, you can upgrade to a larger machine during the rental period with no penalty. Put simply, if you rent a small cardboard shredder but want to upgrade to a larger shredder a year later (but you signed a 5-year deal originally), we can swap the machine over, you will pay a higher cost per month (as you now have a larger machine) but the remaining months of the original contact will stand (in this case 4 years) but there are no additional charges for amending your contract. 

6. How can ecommerce businesses benefit from renting a Cardboard Shredder?

If you're still undecided, why not take a look at the QCR Customer Review below from a Online Retailer of automotive parts and accessories:

"When we realised QCR offered a machine which could provide us with free packaging, we jumped at the chance. I would recommend any online retailer to consider a cardboard shredder, as plastic packaging is expensive when dealing with hundreds of orders per day" - T.Ferguson, Online Automotive Parts, UK

We have also got any other customer reviews on our Google Business Page Listing.

If you have any questions, Talk to the Waste Experts here at QCR – we’ve got a wide range of options to help you to reduce your waste costs.