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How QCR Balers Can Help You Reach Your Waste Management Goals

29th July 2020

There are several reasons why hiring one of our cardboard balers can be beneficial for your business. Contact our QCR baler team today for more information.
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Dealing with your Excess Cardboard: Managing your Businesses Recycling

28th July 2020

Dealing with an excess of cardboard waste can be a challenge. By hiring a cardboard baler, you can effectively manage your waste. Contact QCR today.
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How to Choose a Business Paper Shredder

26th June 2020

As your business grows, you need to assess your operations and improve your efficiency. A paper shredder in your business offers several great benefits.
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Business Benefits of Having a Cardboard Shredder

26th June 2020

Businesses are continuously required to improve their standards and how they operate. A cardboard shredder can offer several benefits to your business.
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What Can a Business Do to Improve its Eco-Friendly Status?

14th May 2020

Businesses must use every opportunity to reflect on their environmental impact. Here are some key changes you can make.
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What has Coronavirus revealed about Waste Collection in the UK?

30th April 2020

COVID-19 has taught us that sustainable waste management should be a major focus. We should all dispose of our waste in a way that is eco-friendly.
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How the UK is Dealing with Delays in Waste Collections

3rd April 2020

The coronavirus pandemic and its associated restrictions have had several knock-on effects to the waste and recycling industry. How is the UK dealing with this?
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We won't mention the c word...

3rd April 2020

As we adjust to life as we know it, its given us some time to take in all what is good in the world.
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Malaysia returns 42 shipping containers of illegal plastic waste back to the UK

21st January 2020

Malaysia are returning 42 shipping containers worth of plastic waste back to the UK after it had been sent to them illegally.
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QCR’S Sales Director swims to victory for Cancer Research UK

15th October 2019

Neil Holland, Sales Director at QCR, and his team from Sidmouth Golf Club took on the epic challenge of a swim-a-thon to raise money for Cancer Research
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How can the UK’s high streets recycle most effectively?

3rd July 2019

Take a look at this case study on a QCR customer who is recycling effectively on the high street...
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How small businesses are setting the recycling trend for large corporations

21st June 2019

We discuss why small businesses are prioritising recycling over the large corporations...
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QCR waste baler spotlight

3rd June 2019

Today we’ll put our waste balers under the microscope, which will give you an idea as to which kind of baler your business may need...
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Where does your business’s waste and recycling end up?

28th May 2019

The answer all depends on your business's waste system...
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How QCR has helped organisations reach their waste goals

21st May 2019

UK and international customers have hit their waste goals thanks to QCR
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Commercial waste compactors – what can they do for your business?

30th April 2019

View a list of areas where commercial compactors can help your business
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QCR cardboard balers – what’s the fuss all about?

9th April 2019

Everything from, what is a cardboard baler? To, who uses them? Is answered here...
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QCR renew sponsorship of Chipping Norton RUFC for 2019/2020 season

8th April 2019

QCR has supported junior rugby at CNRUFC for almost ten years and we’re now delighted to be sponsor to the wider club...
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A-Z Recycling Wins

6th March 2019

As its QCR's 20th anniversary we wanted to share our quick A-Z recycling wins with you
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Innovative students create bricks made from urine

25th October 2018

Are they taking the p**s?
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