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When Should I Upgrade My Baling Machine?

28th May 2021

A high quality baling machine is an extraordinarily robust and long-wearing piece of equipment, and if properly maintained will last for many years.. Balers save you money, boost your green credentials by allowing for easier recycling, and save you space and time wasted on compacting down bulky boxes. However, that doesn’t mean that a baler that served you in the past will continue to do so indefinitely, or that you can’t make improvements by upgrading your machines periodically.
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5 Steps to Making a Perfect Cardboard Bale

9th May 2021

While baling cardboard with a good quality machine isn’t difficult, it can be unsafe if attempted by someone without the right training or familiarity. No matter the size of your cardboard baler, the type, or the kinds of materials you’re compacting inside, the steps are generally the same and easy to manage once you know how. Let’s take a look.
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5 Different Ways You Can Go Green for Earth Day 2021

19th April 2021

On the 22nd April, the world will be celebrating Earth Day, an international commemoration of our shared commitment to protecting life on earth. Since the first Earth Day in 1970, this event has had a long and impressive history, but it’s arguable that in 2021, in the wake of the pandemic, Earth Day is more relevant now than ever before. If you’re feeling inspired, here’s how you can make a difference this spring.
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Things to Know When Buying or Renting a Cardboard Baler

12th April 2021

Cardboard balers are designed to make the handling and recycling of paper and carboard easier and more efficient. Balers compact down bulky packaging to create smaller and consistently shaped “bales” that are then easy to store or send off for recycling. If you are considering getting a cardboard baler for your business, here’s a quick guide to answer all your questions.
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The Different Types of Commercial Waste, And How Should We Dispose of It?

30th March 2021

Waste consists of anything in your possession that is no longer required or needed. Any type of waste that is a result of business or trading activities is classified as commercial waste. This is different from your typical agricultural or domestic waste and as such there are specific policies that dictate how it should be disposed of.
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Reducing Business Waste In 2021: Top Tips

17th March 2021

With sustainability becoming increasingly important to how you operate your business, managing your business waste is more vital than ever. But as your company grows, inevitably, so does the amount of waste you produce.
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Maintenance Tips For Your Cardboard Baler

23rd February 2021

In our world of greater environmental concerns and consequent focus on recycling, specialized equipment like cardboard balers can be more necessary than ever. Baling waste eliminates the need for recycling bins, and can reduce the costs of waste collection dramatically.
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How to Implement a Successful Recycling Program: A Guide for Business Owners

17th February 2021

Implementing a successful recycling program will not only help the environment, but it can also save your business a significant amount in waste collection.
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Tackling Your Commercial Waste This Christmas

17th December 2020

Whatever your business, you’re likely to produce a little more commercial waste over the festive season. Here's some tips for dealing with Christmas waste.
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How Your Business Can Help the Environment in 2021

17th December 2020

Businesses are adopting practices that are better for the climate. To be part of the solution, consider some of these ways to start making a difference.
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Where Do I Store My Cardboard Baler?

24th November 2020

If you’re new to cardboard baling and have just made the decision to use one for your own business, you may be wondering about where to store it.
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How Your Business Can Minimise Waste During the Festive Season

7th November 2020

There are many ways to reduce the amount of waste you produce over the holiday period. A cardboard baler can be the ideal solution for your business.
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Which Parts of Your Cardboard Baler to Maintain Regularly

17th October 2020

A cardboard baler streamlines your recycling process. Let’s explore cardboard baler maintenance, and how to ensure yours is always in tip-top condition.
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How Wasteful were Companies Before Cardboard Balers

6th October 2020

Cardboard balers have revolutionised waste disposal and help companies become more efficient. Read this article to find out how your company can get involved.
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Key Considerations when using your Cardboard Baler

15th September 2020

Renting a cardboard baler for your company can bring about several rewards. This includes streamlining your waste management, increasing your recycling performance, and improving the green credentials and reputation of your brand.
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How to Promote Recycling Within the Company

15th September 2020

Implementing recycling strategies at your company can be a challenge, but there are plenty of ways to promote recycling within your company.
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Value of cardboard recycling trade predicted to rise 25% by 2024

28th August 2020

Reported by the BBC the cardboard recycling sector is set to increase its annual value from $4.29 billion in 2017 to $5.42 billion (£4.1bn) in 2024. With the rise of online ordering and next day delivery ease, everything is arriving into our businesses and homes in cardboard boxes, so it’s no wonder a boom in the sector is forecast.
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The Different Types Of Business Waste (And How You Can Deal With It Effectively)

25th August 2020

Businesses generate large volumes of commercial waste. So, here are examples of business waste and tips on how you can deal with it effectively.
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Streamlining Your Business: Stress-Free Ways To Manage Waste

24th August 2020

There are various ways to streamline your waste management and save money each year. This will this cut your overhead costs and lower your carbon footprint.
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How QCR Balers Can Help You Reach Your Waste Management Goals

29th July 2020

There are several reasons why hiring one of our cardboard balers can be beneficial for your business. Contact our QCR baler team today for more information.
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