Cardboard Recycling Balers & Compactors

Baling waste cardboard is an easy, simple and effective way of getting rid of your cardboard recycling nightmares. QCR waste balers and compactors save your company time, money and space as well as increasing your recycling.

The biggest waste stream for the majority of businesses is cardboard. The problem with cardboard waste is the space it takes up in a bin. You are effectively filling your bin with air and so therefore wasting money on bin collections because you need more bins and more collections. If you are a business who flat packs their boxes before binning them then you are paying someone’s labour time to flatten boxes unnecessarily.

A cardboard baler saves time, money and space…

  • Time – no need to spend time flattening boxes. Simply place the box straight into a baler and let it do the flat packing for you. The size of baler you need depends on the sizes of boxes you handle and the amount. With a free site survey we can tell you exactly what your requirements are. A baler can often be located closer to the source of the waste so time can be saved carrying materials out to bins.
  • Money – If you are spending more than £20 per week on DMR bins then we will probably have a cheaper solution for you. Prices start from just £12.50 per week.
  • Space – our smallest balers use the same footprint as a filing cabinet so can easily fit into small gaps taking up less space than a bin. Even our larger balers don’t take up much more space then just 1 bin. This means you are able to remove your bins and save space. Space which could be used for parking, dining and outside areas which would otherwise be unusable.

What is a cardboard and plastic baling machine?

Cardboard and plastic balers are modern recycling machines which allow businesses to efficiently handle their waste at the source of generation. Balers come in different sizes and can either be pneumatic or hydraulic.

Baling machines can handle both cardboard and plastic. The user inserts loose cardboard boxes or streams of plastic into the baler and the plate pushes it down. When full, the user ties the waste together, creating a bale of cardboard or plastic.

There are many advantages of turning loose cardboard and plastic into bales. Baling all this waste means businesses don’t require any cardboard or plastic recycling bins. Bins are voluminous and take up lots of space in small areas. They are also expensive to have collected and the costs are always rising. Bins also become full quickly and cardboard often has to be flat-packed in order to create as much space as possible, this takes up unnecessary labour hours. Most balers have a smaller footprint than just one 1100 litre bin so excellent space savings can be made. They can also handle whole cardboard boxes and can be located close to the source of the waste because of their size – this saves time on flat-packing and walks to the bin area. Baled material is also far easier to transport than loose waste - up to 100% of the material can be baled whereas this cannot be guaranteed with loose waste which has a tendency to overflow or blow away. This also means a baling machine is far more eco-friendly than using bins.

On average, businesses save £1,248 per year by using a baling machine over bins. Bales are collected by recyclers as opposed to waste management companies who are charging more and more for bin lifts each year. Businesses which can create and store high quality bales could also receive rebates from their recycler – we will be able to suggest the best money saving/generating options during your free site survey.

We supply cardboard and plastic balers from leading manufacturers and the range we supply is huge. From small up to horizontal size balers, there will always be a choice for any business that wants to save money, space and time on waste.

Small and medium size cardboard balers and compactors

Our small balers for recycling cardboard take up less space than one 1100 bin and eliminate the need to break up boxes. These cardboard balers fit neatly into store rooms, courtyards or stock rooms and are conveniently located close to the source of waste. Most importantly they will save you money.

QCR 102 Cardboard Baler QCR 205 Cardboard Baler QCR 205TS Cardboard Baler QCR 450 Cardboard Baler
QCR 102 baler - Ideal for small companies QCR 205 baler - for a steady flow of cardboard QCR 205TS - Small baler but for larger boxes QCR 450 - Medium baler handling cardboard quickly


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Large and mill size cardboard balers and compactors

QCR’s large and mill size balers are designed to make the most of your cardboard revenue opportunities. These balers offer exceptional quality for high volume users who are looking to turn their waste materials into revenue.

QCR 509 baler QCR H20 QCR V50 Mill Size baler QCR 500HZ Horizontal Baler Cardboard
QCR 509 baler - Ideal for large volumes of cardboard QCR H20 - Mill Size waste baler QCR V50 Mill Size baler - ideal for maximising material revenues QCR 500HZ - Our smallest Horizontal baler producing 500kg bales


Buy or rent cardboard recycling balers

We have an extensive range of cardboard balers and compactors for sale and rental to suit every business requirement. Renting a baler provides the best value for money and includes servicing and maintenance as just one of the benefits. If you would prefer to buy then we have new and refurbished waste balers for sale at competitive prices. We will match any like for like quote for both renting and purchasing.

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The QCR Difference

  • Choice - We have a massive range of stock to suit any business requirement from the smallest vertical balers to a horizontal baler.
  • Simplicity - It couldn't be easier with QCR - we make it easy for you to start recycling better and save money.
  • Savings - If you spend more than £12 per week on cardboard collections then we can help. We will price match on like for like quotes.
  • Reliability - We only supply quality balers along with our second to none customer service.
  • Support - We use our own team of experienced and reliable service engineers who are never more than 48 hours (usually 24) away from you.
  • Reassurance - when you rent or buy a baler from QCR we include free installation, training and a risk assessment.
  • Buy - New and used waste balers and compactors for sale offering excellent value for money and long warranties.
  • Rent - Low cost short and long term rental options including full maintenance and servicing, delivery, parts and ongoing training.
  • Recycle - Advice on recyclers, material revenue and reducing your waste costs. Bale collections for 95% of the country. Read more.

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