Cardboard Balers

We have an extensive range of Cardboard Compactors and Balers, ranging from small vertical balers to large horizontal machines. If your business uses bins or skips to dispose of your waste cardboard, a Cardboard Baler could save your business time, money and space. 

Our Cardboard Balers can reduce waste volume by up to 85%. Baled cardboard is much easier to store and transport, leading to cheaper collection costs. Having a wide variety of waste baling machines, we can help you with your waste disposal needs.

Hire a Baler

All our cardboard balers are available to hire with prices starting from only £14.88 per week (excl VAT) which includes delivery, installation, ongoing operator training and routine servicing by a SafeContrator accredited QCR Equipment Engineer. To find out other benefits of rental click here.

New and Used Balers

If your business prefers to buy equipment rather than hire, we have new and used Cardboard Balers for sale at competitive prices. Our used Balers have all been fully refurbished by our team of Engineers and are supplied with a generous 12 month warranty.

Our Small and Medium Hydraulic Cardboard Baler Range

Ideal for low-medium volumes of waste, our range of small cardboard balers and medium vertical balers are great for all types of hospitality businesses, retailers, and SME's. They can also be used for baling plastic waste making them a great way to increase rates of recycling.

            Man Using a QCR H1 Cardboard Baler
QCR H1 Small Cardboard Baler

Our smallest hydraulic cardboard compactor ideal for both cardboard or plastic waste. This baler conforms to EN16500:2014 safety standards.

  • Baler available for hire
  • Baler available to buy

Man Using a QCR H3 Cardboard Baler
QCR H3 Medium Cardboard Baler

This vertical baler has a bale-out kicker. A shorter version is also available. Great for achieving up to a 85% reduction in waste volume at your premises.

  • Baler available for hire
  • Baler available to buy
Man Using a QCR H3 Cardboard Baler

QCR H3 Cardboard Baler (Short)

This compact medium baler is ideal for workspaces with restricted ceiling heights. Helps your business free up spave, reduce Co2 emissions and save money.

  • Baler available for hire
  • Baler available to buy

Man Using a QCR H4 Cardboard Baler

QCR H4 Medium Cardboard Baler

One of our best-selling waste balers, this Vertical Cardboard Compactor has the footprint of a Euro Pallet. Low service costs and a proven long-life expectancy. 

  • Baler available for hire
  • Baler available to buy

Man Using a QCR H7 Cardboard Baler

QCR H7 Medium Cardboard Baler

This Cardboard Compactor has an extra wide opening for larger than average boxes. Perfect for businesses with a large amounts of waste cardboard.

  • Baler available for hire
  • Baler available to buy



Small and Medium Pneumatic Cardboard Balers

These small and medium pnematic balers can be powered by your own airline or a QCR Compressor, they are ideal for low-medium volumes of cardboard and/or waste plastics.

Man Using a QCR 102 Cardboard Baler

QCR 102 Small Cardboard Baler

Our smallest pneumatic baler with a footprint the same size as a filing cabinet. Perfect for areas where space may be restricted. Easy to operate & maintain.

  • Baler available for hire
  • Baler available to buy

Man Using a QCR 205 Cardboard Baler

QCR 205 Vertical Cardboard Baler

An ideal baler for businesses with a steady volume of cardboard and/or plastic waste. Can reduce your waste volume by up to 85% helping to free-up valuable space.

  • Baler available for hire
  • Baler available to buy

Man Using a QCR 205TS Cardboard Baler

QCR 205TS Vertical Cardboard Baler

This baler has a larger door opening for bigger cardboard boxes. Saves money on collection costs, while reducing your Co2 footprint and saving your business space.

  • Baler available for hire
  • Baler available to buy

Man Using a QCR 305 Cardboard Baler

QCR 305 Medium Cardboard Baler

This Cardboard Compactor as a deep chamber for loading large boxes, making it ideal for businesses who want to crush bulky cardboard packaging waste.

  • Baler available for hire
  • Baler available to buy

Man Using a QCR 306 Cardboard Baler

QCR 306 Medium Cardboard Baler

This pnematic baler with bale-out kicker is ideal for medium volumes of cardboard waste, reducing it's volume by up to 85% and reducing collection fees. 

  • Baler available for hire
  • Baler available to buy

Man Using a QCR 450 Cardboard Baler

QCR 450 Medium Cardboard Baler

This Cardboard Baler is ideal for medium waste volumes. It has a whole host of benefits and can be installed both inside and outside your building.

  • Baler available for hire
  • Baler available to buy

Mill Size and Large Cardboard Compactors

Our large and mill size cardboard balers are all available for hire and are designed to make the most of your cardboard revenue opportunities. These vertical balers are best suited for high volumes of cardboard waste and perfect for any business who wants to turn their waste into revenue.

Man Using a QCR 509 baler

QCR 509 Large Cardboard Baler

Produces dense cardboard bales that can fit onto a pallet making them easy to store. Powered by compressed air using your own air line or we can supply you with a compressor.

  • Baler available for hire
  • Baler available to buy
Man Using a QCR H20 Mill Size Baler

QCR H20 Mill Size Cardboard Baler

This is extra wide mill size baler has a powerful twin ram and sliding door for quick and efficient loading of cardboard waste. Ideal for higher waste output environments.

  • Baler available for hire
  • Baler available to buy

Man Using a QCR H10 Mill Size BalerQCR H10 Mill Size Cardboard Baler

This mill size baler is suitable for businesses with high volumes of waste. Reduce volume up to 85% and save monety on collection costs. Produces mill size cardboard bales.

  • Baler available for hire
  • Baler available to buy

Man Using a V50 Cardboard BalerQCR V50 Mill Size Cardboard Baler

This used mill size baler is suitable for baling cardboard, plastics and textiles. This baler has an array of benefits.

  • Baler available for hire
  • Baler available to buy

Man Using a V50SD Mill Size Cardboard BalerQCR V50SD Mill Size Cardboard Baler

This large refurbished used 3-phase mill size baler has a sliding door enabling speedier loading for quick waste baling.

  • Baler available for hire
  • Baler available to buy

Why Should I Use a Cardboard Baler?

  • Save Money – Reduce the number or size of DMR (dry mixed recyclable) bins or skips you pay to have collected by removing bulky cardboard from them and baling it instead. In effect turning your waste into a product in it's own right. In large quantities cardboard bales can even generate rebates for your business.
  • Save Time No need for your team to spend time flattening boxes! Simply place the cardboard waste straight into the baler and let it do the flat packing for you. A baler can often be located closer to the source of the waste so time can be saved carrying materials out to bins - streamlining your waste recycling process.

  • Save Space Reduce the amount of outside space taken up by bins. Our smallest Cardboard Compactor has the same footprint as a filing cabinet but can condense approximately 2-3 of bins worth of waste. Even our larger cardboard waste balers don’t take up much more space than just 1 bin whilst still effectively handling large amounts of waste which would have otherwise quickly filled up your bins.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the price of hiring a Cardboard Baler?

Baler hire on a long or short term basis is available to all mainland UK businesses. Rental prices start from  £14.88 per week (excl VAT) which includes installation, delivery, training certificates, risk assessments, refresher operator training and routine servicing by a Safe Contrator accredited QCR Equipment Engineer. When considering what the best cardboard baler rental options are near you, you'll be glad to know that from our 3 centres in the UK, QCR can offer this service to the majority of the UK.

2. What is a Cardboard Baler?

A cardboard baler is a machine which efficiently compacts your cardboard waste into bales, making it more cost-effective to recycle as waste volume is dramatically reduced. They vary in size from small to larger balers which produce mill size bales.

3. Do you sell used Cardboard Balers?

Yes, you can purchase reconditioned used Cardboard Balers in all sizes which have been refurbished to a high standard by the QCR Baler Engineering team. Included in the price of a used waste baler is free delivery, free installation and a free 12 month warranty if installed at a UK addresss.

4. How does a Cardboard Baler work?

Cardboard balers use a hydraulic or pneumatic press mechanism to compress waste into easily-managable bales. Baled cardboard is much easier to store, leading to cheaper collection costs. We have a wide range of cardboard baling machines available to hire or purchase, including refurbished recycling equipment.

5. What types of cardboard can be placed in a Baler?

Clean and dry cardboard boxes can be placed in a baler whole which is unlike traditional recycling bins or skips where you need to manually flatten them first. All types of cardboard can be baled including corrugated cardboard, single and double walled boxes etc. The important thing to ensure that it is dry and not contaminated. Finished bales can be stored under a shelter or under a plastic sheet.

6. Why should I choose a QCR Cardboard Baler?

QCR Recycling Equipment are a leading supplier of cardboard balers in the UK and have over 20 years' experience of providing high quality robust equipment. We've even won a few awards for our cardboard balers, with the most recent award certificate being received in 2023. But don't just take our word for it as you can see our most recent customer feedback received on our Google Business Page Listing. For a final bit of reassurance that you have chosen the right partner to help streamline your waste management processes, we've been recognised by Safe Contractor for excellence in health & safety standards. 

7. What is the difference between Cardboard Balers and Compactors?

A cardboard compactor squashes down cardboard boxes to reduce their volume. A cardboard baler works in the same way but has the added advantage of using baling wires or tape to secure the cardboard into neat bales, which are easy to stack and store prior to collection.

8. Can I sell my cardboard bales?

All our customers will be introduced to our trusted network of Cardboard Recyclers who will collect your bales and may also pay you for them if they're collected in large quantities and of the required standard. The value of a cardboard bale depends on the quality, quantitiy, time of year, your volumes and your location. The financial incentive of baling cardboard is not just from selling the cardboard bales, its the saving on your overall waste collection fees.

9. Are QCR Cardboard Balers and Compactors supplied with a warranty?

For added peace of mind all QCR Cardboard Balers and Compactors that are installed in the UK are supplied with a free 12 month comprehensive warranty which includes parts, labour and call out fees. This year long warranty applies to both used and new cardboard baling machines installed at an address in the UK, regardless of whether you have purchased a small baler or a large mill size baler from us. Our highly trained baler technicians some of whom have over 20 years' experience, have all been accredited by the Safe Contractor scheme.

10. Do you provide Cardboard Baler Aftersales Support?

With over 20 years' experience of supplying high quality recycling equipment, QCR's wide range of robust cardboard baling machines are built to last so when you buy or hire from us you can expect many years of problem-free waste baling. To guarantee a good start, our knowledgeable team who are accredited by the SafeContractor scheme, will support your business by providing you with:

  • Free delivery on selected Baling Consumables - All QCR Customers benefit from free UK mainland delivery on baling tapes, baler banding and baler oil to keep your machine in good working order.
  • Free Cardboard Baler Operator Training - We provide free in-person baler training to all mainland UK customers on the day of installation. Those customers who are hiring a machine from us also benefit from free refresher training at any point during their contractual term.
  • Free Comprehensive Baler Instruction Manual - We will supply your team with a detailed instruction guide which will provide you with guidance on how to use your machine safely and efficiently.
  • Free introduction to our trusted network of Recyclers - As a recognised and trusted supplier of cardboard balers in the UK, we'll introduce you to our trusted network of Recycling Businesses who will arrange collection of your baled cardboard. Please note, if you live in a more remote part of the UK, bale collections may not be possible.



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