What is a cardboard baling machine?

Cardboard balers are modern recycling machines which allow businesses to efficiently handle their waste at the source of generation. Balers come in different sizes and can either be pneumatic or hydraulic.

Cardboard baling machines handle most types of cardboard. The user inserts loose cardboard boxes into the baler and the plate pushes it down. These cardboard crushers are designed specifically to reduce the space that is taken up by having a pneumatic plate push down upon it. When full, the user ties the waste together, creating a bale of cardboard or plastic.

There are many advantages of turning loose cardboard into bales. Baling all this waste means businesses don’t require any cardboard recycling bins. Bins are voluminous and take up lots of space in small areas. They are also expensive to have regular waste collection and the costs are always rising. 

On average, businesses save £1,248 per year by using a baling machine over bins. Bales are collected by recyclers as opposed to waste management companies who are charging more and more for bin lifts each year. Businesses which can create and store high quality bales could also receive rebates from their recycler – we will be able to suggest the best money saving/generating options during your free site survey.

We supply cardboard balers from leading manufacturers and the range we supply is huge. From small up to horizontal balers for sale, there will always be a choice for any business that wants to save money, space and time on waste.

Now that you've learnt the answer to what is a cardboard bailing machine, browse a selection of our industry leading cardboard compactors balers below to find the perfect one for your business. If you require any further assistance or to see how your business can benefit from our cardboard baling equipment and waste compactors, please do not hesitate to contact us today by phone on: 01242 620903 or email: info@qcr.co.uk.

The QCR Difference

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  • Recycle - Advice on recyclers, material revenue and reducing your waste costs. Bale collections for 95% of the country. Read more.

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