What is a Cardboard Baler?

Cardboard Balers are machines that compact and secure cardboard box waste into bundles known as bales. They have risen in popularity in 2024 due to the rising costs of commercial waste collection in the UK and growing pressure for businesses to act more sustainably.

Previously only found in large warehouses, they are now being adopted by businesses and organisations of all sizes and within all sectors as they seek efficiencies to offset rising costs and conform to new waste legislation. 

How do they work?

Put simply, cardboard waste is inserted into the baler and then a pressing plate compacts it down. When full, the operator secures the bundle with either banding or wires, creating a bale. As a result, balers negate the need for businesses to have commercial recycling bins for their cardboard box waste at their site.

What do they look like?

Balers are available in different sizes and can either be vertical or horizontal in design. You can also choose from either single phase electric, 3 phase electric or compressed air.

As with any equipment, there are a broad number of options available on the market from no-frills balers to those upgraded with the latest technologies. It's therefore essential for a business to understand what functionality it requires to avoid them overpaying for a feature that they will not use.