Recycling Balers For Sale or Rental

QCR Recycling Equipment are a leading UK supplier of Commercial Waste Compactors and Balers which can help your business save money on recycling all types of materials including cardboard, plastics, glass, EPS polystyrene, cans, textiles and PET bottles.

Our extensive range of high quality compactors and recycling balers are available to hire, lease or outright purchase. All equipment purchased is supplied with a 12 month warranty.

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Commercial Recycling Solutions

We stock both new and refurbished recycling balers and compactors to hire or buy. Our machines are suitable for any size of business from a convenience store to large manufacturers. Investing in our range of industrial recycling balers or waste compators can generate significant cost savings, as well as an 80% waste volume reduction.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the price of hiring a Recycling Baler?

Prices starts from £14.91 ex VAT a week.

All mainland UK firms can hire balers for a set amount of time or for a shorter period of time. Hire costs begin at £14.91 per week (VAT excluded) and includes delivery, installation, training certificates, risk assessments, operator refresher courses, and regular maintenance performed by a QCR Equipment Engineer certified by Safe Contrator. QCR can provide this service to the majority of the UK from its three locally based centres.

2. What is a Recycling Baler?

A machine that compacts waste into bales.

A recycling baler is a device that compacts and bundles recyclable materials into dense, compact bales for recycling, processing, and transportation. 

3. Do you sell used Balers?


Yes, you can purchase reconditioned Balers in all sizes which have been refurbished to a high standard by the QCR Baler Engineering team. Included in the price of a used waste baler is free delivery, free installation and a free 12 month warranty if installed at a UK addresss.

4. How does a Recycling Baler work?

They use press mechanisms to compact waste.

These balers use a hydraulic or pneumatic press mechanism to compress waste into easily-managable bales. Baled waste is much easier to store, leading to cheaper collection costs. We have a wide range of machines available to hire or purchase, including refurbished recycling solutions.

5. What types of materials can be placed in a Recycling Baler?

Here's a few: cardboard, paper, shrink wrap, and aluminium cans.

Further materials that can be baled by a recycling baler include:

  • Plastic PET Bottles
  • Plastic Fruit Trays
  • Jazz Plastics
  • Milk Bottles
  • Hessian Sacks
  • Tyres
  • Textiles
  • Carpet

6. Why should I choose a QCR Baler?

We've supplied quality equipment nationwide for over 25 years.

For our balers, we've even won awards; the most recent certificate of achievement was obtained in 2023. You may view our most current customer reviews on our Google Business Page Listing, so don't just take our word for it. We have been acknowledged by Safe Contractor for excellence in health and safety standards, which should give you one last piece of comfort that you have selected the best partner to assist you optimise your waste management procedures.

7. What is the difference between Recycling Balers and Compactors?

Balers and compactors both compact waste, but balers secure the waste with tape / wire.

A recycling compactor squashes down waste to reduce their volume. A baler functions in a similar manner, but it has the added benefit of securing the waste into bales with tape or baling wires, making them simple to stack and store before collection.

8. Are QCR Balers supplied with a warranty?

Yes, 12 months free.

All QCR Balers installed in the UK come with a complimentary 12-month comprehensive warranty that includes parts, labour, and call out expenses for added piece of mind. Whether you bought a compact baler or a large mill size baler from us, this one-year warranty is valid for both new and used baling machines placed at a UK location.