Waste Balers & Industrial Compactors

Our number one priority is to save your business money on your business waste. We offer the largest range of waste balers, compactors, crushers, impolders, shredders and de-watering equipment in the UK to suit all sizes and types of business.

We offer all our commercial recycling equipment for rental or purchase. If you choose to purchase, we can offer you a brand new machine or a used machine, which has been fully refurbished by our team of expert engineers.

All our waste baler rental customers benefit from:

  • Free equipment trials (some geographical restrictions apply)
  • Free delivery & installation
  • Free training on installation and ongoing training throughout the term
  • Fully warrantied maintenance inclusive of annual servicing, call outs, labour and parts 

Browse our full range of commercial & industrial compactors. If you're looking for something not listed, get in contact.


Our Range Of Balers and Compactors

Cardboard & Plastic Waste Balers


Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do you offer Baler hire in the UK?

All our Baling Equipment is available for both long and short term hire to the majority of the businesses in the UK. If you're not sure which is the best option, why not book a free no-obligation site survey?

2. Do you sell used Waste Balers?

All our used Balers and Compactors have been expertly refurbished by our own team of engineers and are supplied with 12 months warranty. These machines are a popular choice and our stock changes rapidly so it's best to contact us to find out what machines are available.

3. Is there a difference between a Baler and a Compactor?

Essentially they do the same job (reduce the volume of your waste) but a Baler has the added benefit of using tape to secure the recyclable material into bales which can be collected by a Recycler instead of your current Waste Collection company. A Compactor is designed to fit into your current bin to squeeze down the contents. With this option your waste will continue to be collected by your normal Waste Collection company but in most cases the frequency of collections can be reduced. 

4. How can I tell whether a Compactor or a Waste Baler will save my business money?

If you're based in mainland UK, our Waste Experts will travel to your premises for a free no-obligation waste appraisal. They will look at your current waste streams and use the benefit of their experience in Waste Management to help you choose the best option for your business. In most cases they will allow you to trial the machine they recommend so you can measure how much the machine will save you. They will then present you with a variety of options including purchase (we offer both refurbished and new machines) or short/long term rental contracts.