How to Promote Recycling Within the Company

15th Sep 2020

Businesses typically produce high volumes of commercial waste. In fact, UK businesses are responsible for generating an enormous 41.1 billion tonnes of industrial and commercial waste each year. Global warming is having a progressively damaging effect on our planet and landfills are nearing capacity. With that in mind, every business has a responsibility to manage its waste in a way that will reduce emissions and minimise environmental harm. This is especially true for businesses in sectors that generate large amounts of cardboard and plastics waste i.e. manufacturing or industrial companies. Implementing recycling strategies and getting your employees on board with your green policies can be a challenge, but there are plenty of ways to promote recycling within your company. Here are a few ideas to improve your business recycling strategies.

Rent a recycling baling machine

Renting an industrial recycling machine can be an excellent way to streamline your waste management and make recycling more convenient. Recycling baling machines, such as a cardboard baler, are designed to increase the efficiency of recycling in the workplace. Renting a cardboard baler will bring about several environmental and cost-saving benefits. When you have a cardboard recycling baler on-site, your employees will no longer be required to flatten cardboard boxes by hand in an attempt to fit all the waste into a bin. They can simply place cardboard boxes straight into the baler and the machine will automatically compress the boxes into space-efficient bales. Having access to a recycling baling machine will encourage your employees to recycle more as it makes the process quicker and easier. Utilising a recycling baling machine like a cardboard baler also reduces the frequency of waste collections. With that in mind, companies using a baling machine save an average of £1,248 per year over using standard recycling bins. Another fantastic benefit of renting a recycling baling machine is that it can reduce your carbon emissions by an impressive 75 percent as a result of space savings and fewer waste collections.

Reuse and repurpose waste materials

One of the easiest ways to improve your company’s recycling performance is by reducing the amount of waste you produce in the first place. Fortunately, most waste items can be repurposed or recycled and you should look for opportunities to reuse waste materials in your business. For instance, you should reuse cardboard boxes and packaging like bubble wrap whenever possible. You can use an industrial cardboard shredder to transform old or damaged cardboard boxes into sustainable, cost-effective packaging. This can then be used to protect products when they are being stored or in transit. Utilising shredded cardboard will reduce your business overhead expenses as you won’t need to purchase additional packaging materials. This makes cardboard shredders the ideal green packaging solution for businesses that regularly dispatch products. Investing in an industrial shredder can be an effective way to repurpose waste material, promote recycling within your company, save money, and lower carbon emissions.

Offer recycling incentives

You must keep in mind that your recycling programme will only be effective if you get your staff on board with your green policies. Luckily, there are several easy ways to encourage your team to recycle in the workplace. Offering recycling incentives can be one of the most effective ways to promote recycling within your company. This is because it gives employees a reason to be eco-conscious and participate in efforts to improve your company’s environmental performance. According to British Gas, you can turn recycling into a fun competition between different departments or areas of your business. Hold a weekly or monthly competition based on how much waste each department produces and recycles. Award the winners with a prize such as a free work lunch or a shopping voucher. This will inspire your employees to get serious about reducing their waste and increasing their recycling efforts in the workplace.


Developing an effective recycling programme should be a top priority for every business, particularly large companies, or those that generate large volumes of waste. Improving your workplace recycling policies will not only streamline your waste management, but it should also reduce your business overheads and could save you significant amounts of money over time. Along with these benefits, increasing your recycling rates can be a great way to boost the credentials and reputation of your brand and make your company more attractive to prospective customers and clients. Use the above suggestions to help you cut down your commercial waste, recycle more, and get your staff on board with your green business goals.

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