Business Benefits of Having a Cardboard Shredder

26th Jun 2020

Successful businesses are continuously required to improve their standards and how they operate, on an environmental and a practical level. One of these ways is by improving how they handle their commercial waste, in this case, by utilising recycling machines such as a cardboard shredder. If you are looking for ways to increase the efficiency of your waste management, reduce carbon emissions, and save money, then here is everything you need to know about industrial cardboard shredders.

QCR PacShred S

Our PacShred S is an innovative recycling machine that has been designed to transform used cardboard boxes into cost-effective protective packaging. The machine is easy to use and has a convenient shredding process that simply requires feeding the waste cardboard into the shredder. The machine can be stored safely within your commercial building and requires minimal space due to its small footprint. The shredder has also been designed on wheels to make it portable, meaning it can easily be transported to wherever it is needed in the workplace. A PacShred S can be a valuable addition to your business and is ideal for any company looking to improve the efficiency of its recycling strategies and reduce business expenses. With this in mind, here are the key business benefits of using an industrial cardboard shredder:

Affordable packaging solution

The main benefit of using a shredder is that it recycles and repurposes commercial waste by turning old cardboard boxes into shredded cardboard which can inturn produce quality low-cost cardboard packaging. This can then be used to protect products that are being transported and eliminates the need to purchase additional packaging materials. Investing in a cardboard shredder can significantly reduce your overheads by providing you with a sustainable and eco-friendly packaging solution for your business. Using the packaging produced from a cardboard shredder is also far more economical than buying expensive plastic packaging for your products. This makes cardboard shredders ideal for companies that regularly dispatch products and require sufficient and safe packing materials. Utilising a shredder to recycle your used cardboard boxes will lower your packaging costs and give you more capital to invest in core areas of your business that will drive growth and profits.

Eco-friendly waste management

Using a shredder will improve the efficiency of your waste management and allow you to reuse your cardboard waste before it is recycled. This is far more sustainable than simply disposing of your old cardboard boxes and other waste materials. If your company produces large volumes of cardboard, then an industrial cardboard shredder is an efficient solution for repurposing and recycling cardboard waste into quality packaging or other protective products like shock absorbers. Cardboard packaging is also far more eco-friendly when compared to other packaging options such as bubble wrap. Global warming is having a progressively damaging impact on our planet, and all companies should take steps to make business operations more sustainable. Switching to a cardboard shredder will lower your company’s carbon footprint and help to minimise environmental harm and pollution.

Space-efficient solution

As mentioned, our cardboard shredders are designed with a small footprint to minimise the space required to store the machine in your commercial building. Shredding used cardboard boxes on site will also reduce your need for rubbish bins, as you won’t be required to store cardboard until recycling services collect them. Instead, you can dispose and repurpose waste cardboard immediately.


A cardboard shredder can offer several benefits to your business. This includes providing you with a low-cost packaging solution, reducing your business expenses, and improving your green credentials. That being said, not all businesses require an industrial shredder. If your operations don’t currently need a cardboard shredder, then you can still benefit from a cardboard baler. You can find more information on the benefits of using a baler machine in your business by clicking here.

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