When Should I Upgrade My Baling Machine?

28th May 2021

A high quality baling machine is an extraordinarily robust and long-wearing piece of equipment, and if properly maintained will last for many years. Balers save you money, boost your green credentials by allowing for easier recycling, and save you space and time wasted on compacting down bulky boxes. However, that doesn’t mean that a baler that served you in the past will continue to do so indefinitely, or that you can’t make improvements by upgrading your machines periodically.

All equipment will incur some degree of natural wear and tear on the job. With balers, especially those that are in frequent, heavy use, maintenance is required to keep them in peak condition and operating as optimally as possible. You may also need to occasionally replace worn or damaged parts over time.

However, outright failure of a machine is rare – so how do you know exactly when to replace or repair it? At some point, the output of a very old machine will no longer offset the money it costs to repair it, and replacement may be more fitting. Of course, you don’t want the expense of replacing a machine that still has many years of performance in it. We give free best advice from an Area Manager and we can also advise if an Engineers visit is worthwhile – these can be priced on an ad-hoc basis - Here are three signs that it’s time to make an upgrade.

Your company has grown and changed

You may have a machine in good order, but find that it’s just not keeping up with the task now that your business is bigger than when you first bought the baler. Essentially, you’ve outgrown it. If your little baler is struggling to manage the increasing work loads you throw at it, it may be that an upgrade makes more sense than simply repairing an overworked an inappropriate machine.   QCR Rental customers benefit from FREE upgrades and no Contractual penalties during rental terms.

It’s not that the machine is not functioning as it should, it’s more that your needs have changed, and that if you want to continue reaping benefits, you need to scale up your equipment accordingly. Get a larger and more robust compactor or baler that more closely matches your new business needs – the old one can be sold if necessary.  QCR regularly replace competitors with free removal or sometimes a credit against what they need.

Your mechanic suggests an upgrade

No matter its size, your baling machine will be receiving routine maintenance from a trained mechanic, who will be able to tell you how it’s performing in general. Though you may not notice any drop in performance day to day, the mechanic could identify small issues that may possibly become a bigger problem in future.

You want to avoid a break down that leaves you stranded without a machine when you most need it. So, if your maintenance mechanic is recommending an upgrade, it’s probably a good idea to follow their advice – or ask us for a 2nd opinion. Alternatively, the mechanic can simply give you an idea of what to expect in upcoming years and give you advice on how to prolong the life of the equipment, maximizing your returns.

The repairs cost more than the savings the baler provides

Let’s be honest – though a baler is a great time-saver and helps your business recycle, one of its main draws is that is saves you money. If the potential returns are being overshadowed by the cost of repairs, however, the decision is obvious: you’re better of replacing rather than continuing to repair. If ongoing maintenance costs more than what your machine can save you even at peak performance, then it’s simply not worth the bother. 

Of course, it may still on balance be worth it for you to keep on using an old baler that isn’t making any savings, simply for the convenience and space efficiencies, but this is unlikely to be enough of an incentive for the longer term, especially considering that a newer model will do the same without costing as much.

So there you have it – if you’ve outgrown your baler, if your mechanic advises it, or if it’s costing more than it’s worth, consider it a smart move to upgrade your baler rather than repair it. However, not everything is so cut and dried. Every business is different so you’ll want to do your own cost/benefit analysis and decide what makes most sense for your business – not just now but in five years’ time and beyond.

There are many options to suit your exact business needs, including buying second hand, renting, or switching to another kind of machine altogether. A professional from a baling machine supplier can walk you through your options, so at the end of the day you’re feeling like your baler is continually bringing value to your business, one way or another.

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