Key Considerations when using your Cardboard Baler

15th Sep 2020

Renting a cardboard baler for your company can bring about several rewards. This includes streamlining your waste management, increasing your recycling performance, and improving the green credentials and reputation of your brand. Utilising a cardboard baler can also cut your business expenses and could save you significant amounts of money over time by improving the efficiency of your waste management. Most businesses can benefit from a cardboard baler, particularly those in sectors that generate large volumes of cardboard waste. With that in mind, here are some key things to consider when choosing a cardboard baler for your business.

What does a cardboard baler do?

Broadly speaking, a cardboard baler machine is used to compress cardboard waste, such as cardboard boxes, into convenient bales. Cardboard baling machines can handle most types of cardboard. The user simply inserts loose cardboard into the baler and the plate crushes it into a bale of cardboard. These are stored on-site and collected and transported to recycling facilities. Here are some of the key benefits of using a cardboard baler in your business:

  • Reduced costs - Using a cardboard baler can result in significant waste cost savings as you will require fewer bin collections. The average company with a baler saves on average £1,248 per year.
  • Lower carbon emissions - Balers can reduce carbon emissions by up to 75% due to fewer refuse lorry collections.
  • Save time - Staff will no longer be required to flatten cardboard boxes manually. This means they can focus their time and effort on other core business tasks.
  • More space - It is a common misconception that companies don’t have space for a recycling baler. However, balers actually save space by reducing the volume of your waste and bins. Our smallest baler is the same size as a filing cabinet, so can easily fit into small gaps. Overall, a cardboard baler takes up less taking less space than a bin whilst also reducing the volume of your waste. We can also specially adapt balers for low height ceilings and tailor the machine to suit your working environment.

What types of cardboard balers are available?

Cardboard balers come in various sizes and styles. The best type of baler for your company will depend on several factors including the volume of cardboard waste you produce. Our smallest baling machines require less space than an 1100 litre bin, making them ideal for smaller spaces such as cellars and stockrooms. Our medium and large balers are ideal for companies that generate large amounts of cardboard waste. These balers offer exceptional quality for high volume users and allow you to maximise your cardboard revenue potential.

What maintenance is involved?

Cardboard balers require some maintenance to keep them in the best working condition. Fortunately, our rental balers include servicing and maintenance as standard. This means you can have confidence that your baler will continue working at optimal capacity and you don’t need to worry about hidden costs or unexpected fees. However, you should keep in mind that not all suppliers include maintenance in their service, so you should always check this beforehand. If maintenance is not included, then you will be responsible for completing baler maintenance tasks. Make sure that you only insert the correct items into your baler as agreed by the manufacturer. Inserting the wrong waste materials can cause serious damage to the machine, resulting in expensive repairs. You can find advice on the items that can be baled in your machine by referring to your manufacturer's handbook. It is also a good idea to clean your baler regularly to remove any dust or debris that could cause malfunctions. Finally, make sure that you inspect your baler frequently to look for warning signs such as rust or insecure bolts. Following this advice will help to ensure that your baler continues operating safely and efficiently.


Renting a cardboard baler can offer multiple benefits to your business. A baling machine will allow you to deal with your waste efficiently on-site and boost your overall recycling efforts. Using a cardboard baler will also save your business money, as you will be able to reduce your volume of waste along with the frequency of waste collections. There is a wide selection of cardboard balers available in various sizes. You should consider the options carefully and select a baler that will best suit your business needs. We recommend using our free waste audit and we’ll be able to advise you on the right equipment for your business. For more information on cardboard balers, get in touch with our team of experts today.

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