Dealing with your Excess Cardboard: Managing your Businesses Recycling

28th Jul 2020

The Covid-19 pandemic has had a significant effect on the world, not only on the way we live our lives but also the ways in which our businesses operate. Some have had to hibernate for weeks, whereas others have been busier than ever – and often are have been running with only a skeleton staff.

Those who have been busier due to the pandemic now find themselves with a backlog of recycling and over flowing bins. Cardboard recycling is a common difficulty for businesses, taking up valuable space in warehouses and stockrooms, and often being time-consuming to flatten.

Managing your Excess Cardboard

Dealing with an average amount of cardboard waste can be a challenge. So, managing a backlog can certainly be a daunting task and an unsightly mess especially when you don’t have the space to store it before your next bin collection.

As the world begins to get back on track, one of the best ways to manage this problem would be hiring a cardboard baler.

How Can Cardboard Balers Help?

Most of our customers rent balers to help them to better manage their cardboard waste. Cardboard balers are used to compact the cardboard into bales, which are then easier to manage than standard, cumbersome recycling bins. There are several ways that our cardboard balers can help:

They can save you space

Our smallest cardboard baler takes up the same amount of space as a filing cabinet, meaning that it can be easily stored in a stock room or warehouse. Cardboard waste is bulky, but by using a baler to compact it, you can save significant amounts of space, and create a bale that is easy to store.

They can save you time

Breaking down cardboard boxes can be extremely time-consuming, and this can eat into time that should be spent on more pressing tasks. When businesses are under pressure, time is even more valuable. Instead of breaking down cardboard waste, it can be placed straight into a baler, where it is quickly dealt with.

Bales are collected by recyclers

The bales are collected by local recyclers, not waste refuse collectors. We will find you a recycler to collect your bales for recycling. We offer advice on the best recycling techniques with segregation at the source of waste the key for effective recycling.

Bales are easy to move around

It can be particularly useful, especially if you are pushed for space, to be able to move your bales around. Instead of having to wheel out heavy and cumbersome bins, cardboard bales can be picked up, stacked neatly and collected by a local recycler.

Doing your bit for the planet

The reduction in emissions that we have seen during lockdown has been a huge positive for the planet, and we must do what we can to keep emissions down now that restrictions are easing. A cardboard baler can decrease emissions by up to 75%, due to a reduced fewer refuse collection lorries to empty bins. This can be a great way for your business to improve its carbon footprint and contribute to environmental efforts.

Choosing a cardboard baler

Businesses need to properly manage their waste, especially the cardboard which is the most commonly used packaging. To give yourself more space and more control, renting one of our cardboard balers is the ideal solution. There are also a few other ways your business can manage waste:

  • Promote the reduction of lunch waste. Many takeaway containers, supermarket sandwich packaging, and drink cartons add to the backlog. Try implementing a scheme to reduce litter during lunch breaks, such as lending out lunchboxes or reusable coffee flasks.
  • Communicate with your team about waste disposal. Put up posters around the office and ask employees if they have any eco-friendly ideas you can all get involved with, rewarding them for their recycling efforts.
  • If possible, try not to order so many goods online or bulk buy products where possible to reduce cardboard packing.

Not only does baling your cardboard waste save you space, but it will also save you time and money. If you are considering hiring a cardboard baler, you can find more information on our Cardboard baler page. Our team is always on hand to help to guide you through deciding which of our cardboard balers is the perfect one for your business and your specific waste needs.

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