Bespoke materials can be baled too

6th Nov 2015

The first materials you may think about when it comes to baling are cardboard and plastic; after all they are the most common waste types for most businesses. Balers however are adaptable machines and are not limited to crushing these two materials. We are always up for a challenge at QCR, so when a customer comes to us with an unusual query we will do our best to produce an answer.

In recent times we have succeeded with customer enquiries about carpet baling and just last week we set up a demonstration for a customer at our headquarters, which involved baling tree guards.

Carpet remnants were a problem for flooring superstore, Carpet Barn. They constantly found their yard cluttered with unwanted carpet and required a solution to reduce the amount of waste on site.

Their carpet query was no issue for QCR’s Dorset Sales Manager, Nigel Varney who used his experienced head to figure a plan that would easily dispose of waste carpet. Nigel offered Carpet Barn a free trial of a QCR 305 baler so they could find out for themselves if baling carpet would work. This baler has an extra deep chamber for loading materials. Usually this baler is installed at businesses that need to bale whole cardboard boxes but as the image on the left shows, it is equally adept at compacting large amounts of waste carpet. They were mightily impressed during the trial period and signed up for a rental of the baler. In the first six months, Carpet Barn salvaged 24 tonnes of carpet, which gets collected by a local recycler.



Last week we invited a local forestry and landscaping business to our headquarters for a demonstration. They currently have between 50,000-60,000 end of life tree guards on their 3,500 acre site that are taking up room with nowhere to go. They require a baler that is wide enough and deep enough to be able to handle hundreds of tree guards at a time. On top of that, a baler that can be mounted on to a tractor is vital as the guards are scattered all over the site. Driving a tractor means they can collect the tree guards and pile them into the baler, so the waste is only handled once. The QCR 450F agri baler (pictured left) matches all of these requirements.

A successful demonstration resulted in a neat bale of 700 tree guards and a bale weight of 100kg (pictured below.)

The bottom line is, if your business has a waste type you’re lumbered with, pick up the phone and give us a call. You can see our huge range of equipment here. We will come out to you, survey your site and offer you a trial all for free or alternatively our door is always open for a visit at QCR HQ…


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