Are you really recycling?

3rd Jul 2018

Since China banned all waste imports, the EU has started shipping waste to other Asian countries. These countries have low recycling standards and poorly enforced environmental regulations which the EU are supposedly taken advantage of to avoid high landfill tax charges. Reports suggest that large amounts of plastics which could be recycled are being dumped in the sea.

We all know the devastating effects plastic waste has on our ocean wildlife and with the UK exporting in excess of 65 tonnes to Asia (Jan-March 2018) it’s a very worrying thought. 

How can your business help…

British businesses need to help themselves to help Britain’s plastic recycling get back on track. Segregating is crucial and it can be done very simply. QCR, have a very easy and cost-effective solution to the problem with our easy plastic bag stands. These bag stands can be located close to the source of plastic and are small, clean and easy to use. Clear plastics can enter one set of bag stands and coloured plastics in another. We arrange of certified bale collections from recyclers who recycle responsible and may be able to offer a small rebate for larger bales.

It’s paramount that businesses start looking into plastic bag stands and balers. They are an easy way to segregate plastic and will prove hugely cost effective in the coming months and years. DMR bins are outdated sources of recyclable waste disposal.

Bin the bins and trial a QCR baler and plastic bag system for free, starting with a free site survey.


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