Value of cardboard recycling trade predicted to rise 25% by 2024

28th Aug 2020

Reported by the BBC the cardboard recycling sector is set to increase its annual value from $4.29 billion in 2017 to $5.42 billion (£4.1bn) in 2024.  With the rise of online ordering and next day delivery ease, everything is arriving into our businesses and homes in cardboard boxes, so it’s no wonder a boom in the sector is forecast.

With cardboard being one of the easiest materials to recycle and most boxes in Europe now made with 94% recycled fibres its great news for the environment and the sector. 

Cardboard is the biggest waste stream for the majority of businesses so its good news we are seeing cardboard prices rise. Since China has stopped taking the majority of the world’s recycling, other counties like Turkey are capitalising on the opportunity. are reporting that the Turkish recycling industry is “growing fast, very fast” with plans to increase their recycling production capacity by some 45% over the next 3 years. Mr Ercan, who is vice president of TUDAM, Turkey’s National Recycling Organisation spoke that cardboard from the UK is of good quality but mixed paper was less then desirable. He went on to talk about the importance of waste segregation and creating quality bales. 

Segregating waste at the source (within your business) has a key roll to play in improving the UK’s recycling rates and how much the commodity is worth. Mixed recycling Bins (DMR’s) will surely increase in price to reflect this and some Waste companies have already withdrawn mixed recycling bins to combat poor segregation.  Our cardboard balers improve recycling efficiency, reduce costs, greatly improve segregation and lower carbon emissions. Interested? Please do get in touch and we will be happy to advise. 


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