Things to Know When Buying or Renting a Cardboard Baler

12th Apr 2021

Cardboard balers are designed to make the handling and recycling of paper and carboard easier and more efficient. Balers compact down bulky packaging to create smaller and consistently shaped “bales” that are then easy to store or send off for recycling. If you are considering getting a cardboard baler for your business, here’s a quick guide to answer all your questions.

What are carboard balers and how do they work?

There are different sizes and mechanisms, but most balers work in roughly the same way. There is a main chamber where the cardboard is placed, a door is closed, and inside, a pressing plate then squashes the cardboard down firmly. When the baler is full and ready to bale both doors are opened., The bale is secured with banding or wire, and removed. From there they can be stacked and stored until they’re collected for recycling.

Do I really need a cardboard baler?

Businesses typically investigate using a baler when their recycling needs increase to such an extent that manually breaking down bulky boxes in bins no longer becomes tenable. Not every business needs one, but if your staff are processing a high volume of packaging materials, paper and boxes, you might be able to save considerable time with a baler. In addition, a baler reduces clutter and saves space (meaning you need fewer bins and refuse collections) and will make for a neater workspace that’s less of a fire hazard.

If you’re unconvinced about making a purchase, it’s worth bearing in mind that there a options,such as those offered by QCR, who will rent out balers, making it a far more practical and affordable option. If you rent, you are also entitled to routine maintenance and repairs, so you don’t have to worry about any unexpected future expenses. Free trials can help you decide if it will work for your businsess

What kind of baler should I buy?

Though the principle is the same for all balers, there is a wide range of different models available, depending on your needs. The first thing to decide is how big you need your baler to be. Naturally, the smaller your business, and the less room you have to devote to the machine, the smaller the baler you’ll choose. Balers can make bales of anywhere from 25kg to 500kg+, so you’ll need consider whether you have the space to store larger bales or not. The right waste balers for you doesn’t just come down to the available space but also the waste you are handling. If you have large cardboard boxes you will need abler with a feed opening big enough to fit your boxes in whole.

You can also decide between a vertical or horizontal setup, but this very much depends on your volumes. . For the majority of businesses a vertical baler is ideal. Some balers are fixed in place and quite heavy, so will need you to plan a safe and appropriate location for them, for example near a power outlet but also close to the source of the waste.

Think about the kinds of material you’re likely to compact (is it mostly cardboard, plastic or things like fabric?) and choose a baler that is up to the task. Finally, consider the overall size of the baler. A larger model would be fine in a big warehouse, but be careful to consider the maximum width of your doorways, and don’t opt for a baler that will be too tall for your space.

How much does a cardboard baler cost?

That brings us to the final consideration: how much does a cardboard baler cost? Like everything in life, better quality usually costs more, but even a more budget-friendly baler will give you many faithful years of service providing it’s used correctly and properly maintained – some balers have been going strong for more than 30 years! Naturally, new balers will cost more than secondhand or rented ones. A brand-new industrial cardboard shredder can cost several thousand pounds, but renting a baler on a month to month basis is a highly affordable alternative offering peace of mind and cost savings over bins.

Any business needs to weigh up potential return on investment with the initial outlay. Occasionally, businesses assume they need a bigger baler than they necessarily do, so ask questions of the company you’re buying from, and investigate their baler rental options, too. It may be that you might benefit instead from buying a different piece of equipment to help with recycling, such as a commercial paper shredder. Whatever your needs, however, there is undoubtedly a baler out there for you.

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