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All sizes of manufacturers are benefiting from our equipment solutions. We have helped hundreds of manufacturing companies save money on waste and below is one example.

Global chemical company saving £5,760.00 per annum with QCR

This global chemical company employ 600 people worldwide with manufacturing sites in Europe, Middle East, South Africa, Canada and India. They called us in to do a free survey at their 45 acre site in the East Midlands. The main factory produced lots of waste plastics which required 95 1100 bins rented at £5.00 each per week. They already had a large HSM compactor for cardboard costing £480 per month and their own mill size baler for plastics. No rebates were received on any recycled materials. Upon surveying, our QCR Area Sales Manager proposed a system that would save them time and increase recycling material collections and rebates.


They purchased 40 bag stands for collecting plastic at the source before baling into a QCR 509 baler. This has created an opportunity for all plastics to be baled and collected with revenue. The plastic bag stand system also collects jazz mixed plastics, milk bottles and banding all of which are capable of creating more revenue. The factory is now using 50% less 1100 bins and day to day operations run much smoother in regards to waste.


They are expecting material revenues in excess of £250 per ton for clear plastics and savings on the returned compactor £5,760.00 per year. They will continue to use their mill size baler for baling cardboard.

We don’t like to name our customers on our website, but please do get in touch and we’ll send you this case study with the full details on how this customer is saving money, space and time. 

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