Cardboard Shredders and Paper Shredders

Use a QCR cardboard shredder to shred your waste cardboard and turn it into very low cost cardboard packaging - this is a brilliant replacement for expensive plastic packaging and far more eco-friendly. A QCR paper shredder is heavy duty and will securely shred any paper, ideal for destroying confidential documents. Our Heavy Duty Cardboard Packaging Shredders recycle cardboard boxes into a wide range of useful and low cost packaging materials. 

These Cardboard Shredders are perfect for companies that regularly dispatch products and require sufficient and safe packing materials – recycling cardboard using a cardboard shredder can save your organisation money on packaging costs. If your company produces high volumes of scrap cardboard & corrugated cardboard, an industrial cardboard shredder is a great solution to repurpose and recycle potential cardboard waste into protective products such as shock absorbers. These industrial shredders are sure to save your organisation time and effort on recycling paper and cardboard – turning this resource into large amounts of a reliable void fill material and an ecofriendly packaging material. 

You are also able to strip cut confidential materials, allowing you to safely dispose of unwanted documents. Some heavy duty paper shedders are capable of acting as hard drive shredders - safely performing of hard drive destruction. This combined confidentiality use of a cardboard shredder will also raise security levels within your organisation - as hard disks and confidential documents will be cross cut.

Cardboard Shredder for Packaging

Cardboard is a high quality packaging material due to its cushion pack properties, and is more environmentally friendly than plastic alternatives – such as bubble wrap. The cardboard shredder is an ideal business solution to reduce your organisations costs on packaging materials and on the cost of waste collection for scrap cardboard. Your organisation can save money with our easy to operate machines.The cardboard shredding machine has a simple shredding process that simply requires feeding the waste cardboard into the shredder machine. Following this, you will receive shredded cardboard that is suitable for packaging, animal bedding and more - at a minimal noise level.

Start your recycling journey with us today! Get in touch to discuss turning your cardboard boxes into packaging materials and we will conduct a free site survey and tell you exactly what your requirements are.

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Cardboard and Paper Shredders - Industrial Shredders For Sale & Hire  

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