Waste solutions for sporting venues

QCR find that the majority of medium to large sporting venues produce a variety of waste streams including: cardboard, plastic and glass bottles. The following case study shows how a Premier League football club installed a QCR 1600 cardboard baler.

Premier League football club cut their cardboard waste costs with QCRPremier League football club cut their cardboard waste costs with QCR

With a recent promotion to the Premier League, this football club saw their waste streams increase due an upsurge in crowd attendances and a higher demand for merchandise from the club shop.


The club contacted QCR and a free site survey was undertaken straight away. The most noticeable problem was the waste cardboard, which was put in bins; these however often overflowed and a general waste skip was in place to handle the remaining boxes. With the installation of a cardboard baler, the bins which handled the boxes could be removed off site and the skip could continue as a general waste skip only. The decision was taken to install a QCR 1600 cardboard baler. Bins have been removed off site and skip collections have significantly reduced, this has produced big cost savings and increased space on site.

Customer quote

"The results we are achieving with the baler have exceeded our expectations. We are now able to efficiently manage our cardboard waste in an efficient and cost saving manner". General Manager.

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