Waste solutions for the recycling sector

Various types of recyclers including tyre recyclers are using QCR to save money on waste and to speed up the recycling process. The following case study is a prime example of this.

Tyre recyclers use QCRTyre recyclers use QCR for a higher production rate

This Surrey based family business was established in 2009. They specialise in the collection and environmentally friendly disposal of car, 4x4, commercial and agricultural tyres. They already have a tyre baler provided by another company. With demand for tyre recycling and correct disposal of tyres increasing they required a second baler.


Upon surveying the site, QCR's Area Sales Manager recommended the QCR tyre baler because of its high throughput rate. The baler is capable of producing six PAS 108 tyre bales per hour which equates to over 400 car tyres. QCR also put them in touch with a new recycler who are currently paying up to £300 per container.

Customer quote

“The QCR tyre baler has exceeded our expectations. The new baler outputs 18-20% more bales per week then our first baler so in total our bale production has increased 120%". Owner.

In the last six months five tyre recyclers in the South East are now using a QCR tyre baler. Lease and refurbished options available.

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