Recycling in the public sector

With budgets being ever squeezed then cutting waste costs is a no brainer and with free trials on balers, compactorQCR providing recycling solutions at RAF bases and crushers it costs you nothing to talk to us to see what you can save. Read our case studies below to find out more.

QCR serves facilities management company at southern RAF base

The company deliver a range of activities to this Royal Air Force base in the south of England. They have been delivering a range ofactivities on the site since 1997, from facilities management services throughto engineering support. Waste from overseas is returned to the base and as aresult they have high volumes of both wood pallets and cardboard waste. They already have four QCR 306 balers installed by QCR at four waste locations onthe site which they use to bale cardboard. Wood pallets were being taken to landfill costing £4500 per annum.


They now chip the wood pallets with a Timberwolf S426TDHB shredder, which they rent from QCR. The wood chippings are used on the grounds around the RAF base, eliminating any disposal costs. Increasing cardboard volumes permitted them to rent two QCR V50 mill size balers in addition to the four QCR 306 balers they already had.


To date they have chipped 27 tons of wood at the RAF base. Previously this would have cost £4500 to dispose of. Baled cardboard is now collected for free, previously costing them £25 per ton. The two QCR V50 millsize balers have already generated 30 bales which they aim to sell to make a supplementary income.

Customer quote

"All the equipment supplied by QCR has significantly reduced our waste and disposal costs. Best of all the use of these machines improves our green credentials by reducing our waste to landfill streams". Logistics and Support Manager.

This example shows how QCR will help a business with even the most unique forms of equipment.

QCR helps prison to cut back on waste costsQCR helps prison to cut back on waste


Previously a 15 yard builders skip was used to collect all cardboard waste from the kitchen. Boxes had to be flat-packed and taken outside to the skip. The skip had to be emptied frequently.


Following a site survey a QCR 450 hydraulic baler has been installed inside the stalls area in the kitchen. It has improved working efficiency and nobody has to troop outside to the skip. The baler produces cardboard bales of up to 150kg which are collected free of charge. The skip has been removed and bales and be stored and collected less frequently which mean better security at the prison will less access required by lorries.

QCR’s Area Sales Manager says “They are really benefiting from the baler onsite. We arranged the free weekly collection of bales which are picked up by a recycler. The cardboard is then used sustainably is shredded to make horse bedding”.

Customer quote

“We use to spend a fortune on the skip for cardboard. The feedback from the kitchen teams has been great and I’m glad see the cardboard from the prison is recycled and put to good use”.

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