We provide waste solutions for agricultural businesses

QCR have helped out many businesses in the agriculture sector. Agri baler's can be a real helping hand for farms who produce a lot of hay and farm plastics. Below is an example of where QCR helped out a farm with their waste costs.

Farm Park Agri BalerFarm

QCR install Agri Baler at Hampshire farm

The farm produce and supply large and small haylage bales to the horse community throughout south Hampshire. There is a high demand for small bale haylage which means dividing large bales into smaller sized bales. This results in a lot of waste plastic which had previously gone into a skip and then to landfill. Each skip used to cost £480 to empty which equated to an annual cost of £2,400.


They have invested in a QCR 450F tractor mounted baler. Investing in the baler makes great sense as long term they will make significant savings and the cost to produce haylage bales will decrease. The baler brings massive volume reduction benefits and the farm is cleaner, tidier and has reduced rodent problems. The baled haylage wrap is neatly stacked until there is enough to instruct QCR to arrange collection. We take care of this and provide them with a waste transfer note for their records. The plastic is then recycled using a plastic baler to make new plastic products. What's more, because the waste baler is tractor mounted it can be transported easily to their second farm to bale plastic there too, instead of trailering it back to the main farm which was messy and time consuming.

Customer quote

"We are delighted to be doing our bit for the environment and of course saving money at the same time. The QCR rep, Nigel Varney, was fantastic and brought the baler to the farm for us to inspect and once we tried it we knew it was perfect for us", Farm Owner.

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