Cage Space Saver - QCR SpaceMaker

The QCR SpaceMaker will compact packaging material directly into a roll cage reducing volume by up to 4:1 on one cycle. Space savings can be reduced by 75% with fewer cages of packaging.

The cost of labour to manoeuvre the cages, both within the store and during replenishment and on/ off the delivery vehicle are dramatically reduced. With fewer cages loaded on and off the vehicles, delivery trucks spend less time at both the store and at the distribution centre.

The QCR SpaceMaker is a single phase (operating from a 13-amp socket) compacting machine, designed to maximise the amount of waste product which can be contained in a rolling goods cage without damaging the cage itself.

The SpaceMaker compacts the waste material and supports the cage sides and base during compaction. Cages can be left unattended inside the QCR SpaceMaker during operation.

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QCR SpaceMaker - reduces volume of cages