QCR hazardous waste compactor
QCR hazardous waste compactor

QCR hazardous waste compactor

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Ideal for compacting soft hazardous waste such as gloves, paper tissues and masking materials. Hazardous waste can be compacted directly into a QCR drum or alternatively the compactor can be modified to fit your existing hazardous waste drum.

  • Reduce the number of expensive drums collected and therefore costs
  • Save up to 80% on hazardous waste costs
  • We can provide drums or arrange licensed hazardous waste collections
  • 10:1 volume reduction
  • Free trials and training

Technical Details

Capacity 1500kg at 5 bar
Compression Ratio 10:1
Operation Pneumatic
Power Air supply 6-8 bar
Dimensions H 600mm, W 570mm
Weight 135kg
Product Code QCR Haz Waste
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