GL Sand Glass Bottle Crusher

GL Sand Glass Bottle Crusher

The GL Sand, supplied by QCR is designed to reduce glass bottle volumes by up to 10:1, crushing the bottles into a sharp-free sand-like material. This gl glass crusher to "sand" machine unfortunately can't turn bottles into actual sand but the texture of the finished ground material is similiar to sand and is sharp free (see product video below).

Key Technical Features of this Glass Recycling Machine

  • Crushes up to 160 x 330ml bottles or 60 standard wine bottles (or equivalent) into the 20L bin provided
  • Single feed machine for low/medium volumes of bottles
  • Handles bottles up to 10cm in diameter (A standard wine bottle is approx 7.5cm)
  • Unit is mobile for ease of movement around the bar area
  • Small footprint
  • Low noise level
  • Waste glass can either be collected by a recycler or re-used as aggregate

Don't Miss! For an additional cost, this machine can also be supplied with separate screening equipment to sort the crushed glass into 5 different grades of material.

Glass to "Sand" Machine Hire

2 year+ rental agreements are available to businesses in the majority of the UK (unfortunately, some geographical restrictions apply). All Glass to "Sand" Rental Agreements include:

  • Guaranteed fixed pricing throughout rental term

  • Ongoing staff training with training records

  • Machine Delivery & Set-up by a QCR Installer

  • Routine Machine Servicing & Breakdown Cover

Buy a Glass to "Sand" Machine

This machine is available to buy in the UK and will be supplied with a 12 month warranty. Although it is very simple to use, full training will be supplied on the day of installation. A detailed manual will also be supplied. Free delivery and installation is included in the cost of the machine if installed at an address in mainland UK.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is this a glass crusher to sand type machine?

This gl glass crusher to sand machine can't turn your glass waste into actual sand but it can crush glass into a sand-like material. We can send you a sample of the material it produces or you can watch the product demonstration below.

2. What type of bars could benefit from this type of Glass Recycling Machine?

The GL Sand is recommended for all types of bars with low/medium volumes of bottles including those in pubs, restaurants, nightclubs, hotels, cafés, sporting venues & events venues. If you sell large Champagne bottles or equivalent (with a greater diameter than 10cm) at your venue, we recommend the GLS2 which crushes glass waste into the same grade of material but has the benefit of a larger aperture.

3. What are the benefits of installing a glass crusher into your bar area?

There are a number of benefits of installing a glass recycling machine in your bar area including:

  • Helps to reduce the number of bottle skips required
  • Broken glass bottles can be quickly crushed reducing the risk of injury

4. What are the alternatives to this glass to "sand" equipment?

If you want to achieve a reduction in the volume of your glass waste but don't necessarily need it to be crushed so finely, why not consider one of the other QCR Glass Crushers within the glass recycling equipment range? These alternative solutions can compact whole bottles into smaller pieces known as cullet and are more cost-effective to hire or purchase.

5. How can this crusher be used to improve Glass Recycling in the Pharmaceutical Industry?

Glass is a popular choice for pharmaceutical packaging because it is non-porous and widely recyclable. This equipment has also been used in the pharmaceutical packaging industry to crush glass vials that have been rejected within the production process helping to deliver significant savings in glass vial waste disposal.

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Technical Details

Capacity 160 x 330ml bottles or equivalent into a 20L bucket (supplied) 40kg when full
Compression Ratio 10:1 volume reduction into a safe to handle sand-like material
Operation Manual feed
Use on Glass bottles & jars
Power 220v 50/60hz
Feed Opening 125mm x 125mm (max. bottle diameter 10cm)
Noise level 60-90db
Dimensions H 1346mm x W 581mm x D 482mm
Weight 90kg
Product Code QCR GL Sand Bottle Crusher
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