CP30H Hydraulic Can Crusher
CP30H Hydraulic Can Crusher

CP30H Hydraulic Can Crusher

The QCR CP30H is a hydraulic can press suitable for crushing cans up to 30 litres or large oil filters with a compression force of up to 4 tonnes. The QCR CP30H reduces can and small metal drum volumes by up to 5:1.

Crushing empty metal cans reduces the volume of commercial waste in workplaces helping to reduce disposal costs for businesses where fees are calculated by volume.

Key Benefits

  • Larger than average crushing chamber enables compaction of cans up to 520mm in height
  • Simple design and controls
  • Powered by a standard plug
  • Able to crush multiple cans at the same time as demonstrated in the film below
  • Save space, money and time on can and oil filter disposal and recycling
  • Crushes oil filters and cans making it a great dual-waste compaction solution

How can you reduce metal can disposal costs in the workplace?

For those businesses where waste disposal fees are linked to volume, can crushers can help to significantly reduce charges. Construction and Engineering businesses can save money on empty paint can disposal by installing a metal paint can crusher at their premises. Can crushing equipment for Commercial Kitchens can help hospitality businesses to reduce the amount of space required to store empty containers prior to disposal.

Oil Filter Crusher

This powerful hydraulic compacting machine can also be used as an Oil Filter crusher to reduce your disposal costs if you pay for hazardous waste disposal based on volume of material. Crushing oil filters within a waste compactor reduces the volume of the body of the filter.

Hire an Industrial Can Compactor

Our popular metal can compactor hire service is available to the majority of the UK. All QCR's industrial can compaction equipment can be hired on a short or long term basis. Compactor hire includes free delivery, free installation, free servicing, free breakdown cover and ongoing user training. We'll also supply you with the the relevant risk assesments, method statesments and certificates. Due to it's simple set-up and operation, the machine can quickly deliver financial and environmental benefits for your business. 

Purchase a Metal Can Compactor

New and refurbished paint can compaction equipment is available to buy from QCR. If you choose to purchase an industrial waste compactor and it's installed in the UK, we'll provide you with a FREE 12 month warranty as standard. 

Aftersales Care

With an unashamedly simple design, our hydraulic food and paint tin waste compactors are easy to use and robust. Whether you choose to rent or buy, to get you off to a flying start, we'll support your business with:

  • Providing free risk assessments
  • Providing free method statements
  • Providing free training certification
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Technical Details

Capacity up to 30 litres
Compression Ratio 5:1
Compaction 4 tonnes
Cycle Time 26 seconds
Operation Hydraulic
Power Single phase
Feed Opening H 520mm, W 350mm, D 350mm
Dimensions H 2310mm, W 635mm, D 500mm
Weight 230kg
4 tonne pressing force 4 tonne pressing force
Single phase 13 amp mains supply Single phase 13 amp mains supply
Crushes cans up to 30 litres Crushes cans up to 30 litres
Reduces can volumes 5:1 Reduces can volumes 5:1
Quick cycle time Quick cycle time
Tall pressing chamber of 520mm Tall pressing chamber of 520mm
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