QCR Lion Foam Compactor Range
QCR Lion Foam Compactor Range

QCR Lion Foam Compactor Range

The QCR Lion Foam Compactor range compresses bulky foam waste (EPS, Styropor®, XPS, EPP, ARCEL and EPE) extremely efficiently into easy to manage, stackable blocks which can be sold for recycling. The 50:1 reduction in foam waste volume offers significant cost savings in storage, waste disposal and transport when compared to uncompacted material. The recycled foam waste blocks created by this compactor are a valuable commodity.

Key Benefits

  • Compact EPP, ARCEL, XPS,EPS and EPE waste on your own premises to produce valuable blocks that can be sold for recycling 
  • Low operating and maintenance costs
  • Energy efficient consumption gives maximum reduction in volume
  • Can be fed manually, using a conveyor or via a hopper 
  • Can handle wet waste material without leaving rust stains on the surface

This Foam Recycling Machine is available in 4 different models with varying capacities. The Waste Experts at QCR can assist your business in selecting the most appropriate compactor depending on your waste material type, volumes, budget and space.

How do you recycle Polystyrene Foam?

Polystyrene Foam can be recycled. However, different types of polystyrene foam have different properties therefore they should be sorted into different material types prior to compaction. For example you cannot compact EPP, EPS & EPE together as the different waste types will contaminate each other and therefore cannot be recycled.

How does a Polystyrene Foam Compactor work?

After the material is placed into the hopper, it will be efficiently shredded into smaller pieces by twin-tooth rotating shafts. The pieces are then compacted by pressure to form blocks which can be recycled.

Foam Recycling Equipment

Polystyrene Foam is widely used within many industries due to its lightweight and shock absorbing properties. However, it's bulky nature means that if uncompacted, polystyrene waste can be expensive to dispose of via traditional means. Foam Waste Compactors offer a cost-effective solution to foam waste disposal for businesses in the UK.

Polystyrene Foam Compactor Hire

For the highest levels of customer support, choose foam recycling equipment hire from QCR. Our typical hire periods are 2 years+ however, shorter term rental solutions may also be possible depending on machine availability. Hire includes free machine delivery, free installation by a Safe Contractor accredited specialist, free ongoing operator training and free servicing and machine breakdown cover. 

We'll also introduce you to our network of trusted Foam Waste Recyclers.

Buy a Compactor

The robust design of this foam compactor ensures long machine lifetime although for added reassurance a warranty is also supplied. Free delivery (unloading required), installation and initial training including documentation is also supplied.

Free no-obligation foam waste audits

We can visit your site, make recommendations, provide like-for-like quotes and provide free foam recycling advice for your UK business. Although we have Waste Experts situated around the UK, if you are situated in a more remote area, an in-person visit may not always be possible.

To book a free, no-obligation site survey with one of our friendly team, get in contact.

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Technical Details

Capacity Up to 400kg/h
Compression Ratio Typical compaction of 50:1
Compressed EPS Density Up to 600kg/m3 dependant on material
Power 3x400V 50Hz
Block Size From 210 x 210mm up to 400 x 400mm (with variable block lengths)
Feed Opening From 1000 x 600mm up to 1400 x 700mm
Weight From 1800kg
Product Code QCR Polystyrene Foam Compactor Range
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