QCR 800HZXL Horizontal Baler
QCR 800HZXL Horizontal Baler

QCR 800HZXL Horizontal Baler

QCR's largest and technically advanced semi-automatic baler, available with a 65 or 80 tonne compression force for producing bale weights of up to 900kgs.

This robust large baler features horizontal tying slots and produces mill size bales with density and securely tied to drive down your waste collection costs and maximise rebates.

What types of material can be compacted in this horizontal waste compactor?

This large baler can bale a wide range of recyclable materials including cardboard packaging, soft & rigid plastics, cans & drums, foam and shredded paper.

What are the key features of this baler?

  • This model is fitted with a vertically raised hydraulic operated bale discharge door which is operated with a two-handed remote station located at the front of the baler
  • This high performance large baler has a hard-wearing abrasion-resistant steel floor and plating on the underside of the packing ram to ensure machine longevity
  • It has V-shaped serrated shear blades on the bale chamber with tool steel anvil type cutting knives on the packing ram. Within the baling chamber are grip face sides. When combined these features ensure maximum cutting efficiency and prevent downtime caused by blockages often experienced with inferior models.
  • This baler is designed to fully eject each bale allowing your operator to bale different recyclable materials each time a baler is completed preventing material contamination. This allows you to secure the highest level or rebates for your baled material.
  • The machine operator can select high pressure or low pressure baling modes on the control panel to suit your type of waste for maximum efficiency
  • This machine has standard cycle time or you can upgrade to a machine with a faster cycle time if speed is important
  • For waste monitoring, the baler is fitted with an electronic counter which monitors and counts the number of bales produced as well as running time so the throughput can be monitored
  • The power pack cabinet is fully enclosed. It also has a special electrical system to reduce the power demand with no impact on overall machine functionality
  • Features a baling wire holding tube for tidy storage of baling wire
  • Easy to use control panel with a vandal proof enclosure & padlock facility for security
  • Fitted with an audible and flashing beacon when a bale is being discharged
  • Supplied with a generous warranty

Bespoke Baler Upgrades Available

  • The control panel can be fitted on the left or right hand-side of the machine to suit your site needs, a remote set of operating controls can also be added for an additional cost
  • If a fast compaction time is important to your business, you can upgrade your machine to have a faster cycle time
  • Fan-operated oil cooling system or oil heating systems can be fitted for an additional cost if the baler is going to be located in either an especially hot or cold environment
  • A vast array of Enhanced Monitoring Options are available including those where operators can be notified remotely of the status of the machine

Bespoke Baler Loading Upgrades Available

  • Various types of bin lifting mechanisms can be added to your baler to lift any size or design of bin
  • Many different waste conveyors can be added to your baler including PVC, rubber, screw auger and pneumatic extraction
  • QCR can also add a fixed safety cage to surround the bale discharge area for added site safety when the bales are being ejected from the baler

QCR can provide tailored horizontal baling systems for your business, when designing a waste managment solution we will provide you with installation drawings to check we have fully understood your requirements.

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Technical Details

Bale Weight Bale weights up to 750kg (65T) or up to 900kg (80T)
Bale Size H 1100mm, W 1100mm, D 1600mm
Cycle Time 75 seconds (65T) - 90 seconds (80T) with optional upgrades available
Pressing Force Up to 65 or 80 tonnes dependant on model
Operation Hydraulic horizontal baler
Power 15-18kW, 60A
Supply voltage 3 Phase, 400V, 50Hz
Noise level 80 d BA
Dimensions L 7715mm x D 1650mm (excluding hopper)
Weight 10,500kgs
Product Code QCR 800HZXL Horizontal Waste Baler
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