QCR Crocodile Dewatering Waste Compactor Range

QCR Crocodile Dewatering Waste Compactor Range

QCR's Crocodile De-Watering Equipment is used for the removal of residual liquids from waste products. For example this compactor can be used to remove liquids from plastic cups, Tetra Pak® packaging, cans or PET bottles prior to recycling. It can also be used to process sludge and industrial waste.

This solid and liquid waste separation solution is available in 4 different machine sizes. We can help your business by recommending the most suitable size depending on your waste material type and volume.

Key Benefits

  • Can fit into existing conveyor systems
  • Highly efficient with low operating and maintenance costs
  • Low noise level
  • Armoured screw tip
  • Long service life and operational safety thanks to a robust machine design

Optional Extras

Collection Vessels, Sliding Chutes or Filling Devices can also be supplied.

How do De-Watering Waste Compactors work?

This equipment features a screw compactor which pushes waste through a narrow dewatering channel that acts like a sieve to separate the liquids from solids. The residual solid waste is compressed, squeezing the liquid out. The resulting solid waste can then be recycled, sent to landfill or in certain cases used as fuel to generate energy depending on material type.The reduction in weight and volume as a result of draining and compaction delivers considerable cost savings in waste disposal and increases rates of recycling.

De-Watering Compactor Hire UK

To benefit from our highest levels of service and support, we recommend Waste Compactor Hire which includes:

  • Delivery (unloading required)
  • Installation
  • Servicing
  • Breakdown Cover (including callouts, parts and labour)
  • Ongoing training with training records
  • Guaranteed fixed pricing throughout rental term
  • Dedicated QCR Manager to assist with recycling rebates and waste collections

Purchase Options & Aftersales Care

If your business prefers to purchase de-watering recycling equipment, we'll provide free delivery (unloading required) and machine installation by a Safe Contractor accredited Engineer subject to some geographical restrictions. Initial Operator will be provided on the day of install with follow-up training available for a low cost. A machine warranty is also supplied.


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Technical Details

Power 3 x 230/400V
Feed Opening From 400 x 600mm to 1000 x 700mm
Weight From 300kg
Product Code QCR De-Watering Waste Compactor
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