QCR H600 Mill Size Baler

QCR H600 Mill Size Baler

The QCR H600 Hydraulic Mill Size Recycling Baler is a very powerful used machine suitable for compacting PET bottles, plastic trays, whole cardboard boxes and soft plastic waste. The large bales it produces are mill size and therefore can be sold directly to Recyclers giving your business the highest level of return for your waste.

Key Features

  • For installation inside or outside
  • Full automatic upper door opening to maximise input of material
  • Safety features as standard

This large warehouse baler is recommended for businesses with high volumes of waste material such as large retailers, manufacturers and distribution centres. The bales made fit onto a standard pallet for easy storage. Bales can be tied using 19mm baler banding or steel wires, both of which can be purchased from our online QCR Shop.

Learn more about the proven benefits of mill size balers in: A Complete Guide To Mill Size Balers & Bales

Aftersales Care For QCR Mill Size Baling Equipment

QCR are a leading supplier of mill size waste baling equipment in the UK with 25 years of waste baling experience. Our dedicated team Safe Contractor certified professionals will help your business get the most from your new baler by:

  • Introducing you to a reputable recycling firm who can collected your bales of recyclable waste
  • Providing you with free method statements & risk assessments for your Baler
  • Supplying your team with training certificates
  • Offering easy online ordering of baling consumables from our QCR Baling Shop

QCR Customer Testimonials

We have provided recycling equipment to thousands of businesses in the UK who want a more sustainable way of handling their commercial waste. QCR's customer reviews are available to read on our Google Business Page.

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Technical Details

Bale Weight Pallet-size bales of up to 500kg
Bale Size H 1100mm, W 1200mm, D 800mm
Compaction Mill Size Hydraulic Mill Baler
Cycle Time 36 seconds
Pressing Force >60 tonnes
Feed Opening H 550mm, W 1160mm, D 780mm
Noise level 70db(A)
Dimensions H 2170mm, W 1890mm, D 1400mm
Weight 2430kg
Product Code QCR H600 Mill Size Waste Baler
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