Glass Recycling Machinery for Hospitality Businesses

Pubs, restuarants, cafes, event venues and a range of other food & drinks manufacturing businesses can reduce their business waste costs by introducing glass recycling. This is not only great for reducing your waste managment costs but also for the environment as glass is 100% recyclable. Bottle skips are expensive to empty, take up lots of valuable bar space and fill up quickly. The answer is to fit more bottles into your glass bins and skips by crushing them first using a Glass Crusher rented or purchased from QCR. Read on for a detailed introduction to our range of bottle crushing equipment or click on the arrow below to skip to our full range listing.



QCR Glass Crushers (Rental or Purchase Options available)

Our range of glass crushing equipment is idea for bars, restaurants, pubs, nightclubs, holiday parks, and sports clubs and other venues which produce lots of glass waste. QCR's Standard Glass Crushers can reduce glass volume by up to 5:1 and help to reduce your glass disposal costs by up to 60%. For smaller volumes of glass bottle waste, we recommend the QCR GC01 Compact Glass Crusher as it is specifically designed to fit under a bar counter or in a store room and is able to crush up to 90 standard bottles into one easy to carry tray. For larger volumes of glass waste, the GC140 Bulk Bottle Crusher can crush 680 bottles in only 10 minutes and deposits the waste directly into the 140l wheelie bin underneath. These machines crush glass into cullet size pieces which like all glass are 100% recyclable. 

Wine, Champagne and Spirit Bottles come in all shapes and sizes and so our range of Glass Crushers is no different. The QCR GC90 is a compact crusher but has a distinctive large opening ideal for glass waste of all different shapes and sizes. If your glass recycling area has poor ventilation we can also offer this machine with a Dust Extraction System.

If you'd like a higher degree of glass compaction (up to 10:1 volume reduction) or would prefer your bottles to be crushed into a sharp-free material which is easier to handle, we have two new glass crushers in the range which can crush glass bottles into a sand-like substance. For crushing standard glass bottles (up to 1L in size) we recommend the QCR GLS1 Bottle Crusher which has a feed intake opening of 125mm x 125mm. Alternatively, if your bar handles larger bottles such as those containing Champagne or unconventionally-shaped bottles of spirits, we can offer the QCR GLS2 Wide Aperture Glass Bottle Crusher which has a wider opening. The resulting material from these machines can be used as construction aggregate or recycled.


QCR's Commercial Glass Imploders (Rental or Purchase Options available)

Glass recycling imploderOur glass imploders transform bottles into safe sharp free glass in one single operation. This glass imploding equipment reduces glass volume up to 6:1 and the processed glass has many uses including road surfacing and roofing. The imploder is ideal for high volume users such as shopping centres, hotels and large restaurants and has a bin lift. Our trained engineers can modify the glass impoder to suit your business needs.



QCR Hospitality Waste Mangement Machinery for Hire

QCR provide fully maintained rental options on Glass Recycling Equipment to hundreds of pubs, bars, restaurants and events venues in the UK. Renting a Glass Crusher from us enables you to add a high quality glass recycling machine to your business without a large initial investment. Renting also provides a number of additional benefits such as free delivery, free staff training and regular servicing of your machine  For a free, no obligation, site survey or for advice on your glass recycling issues please call us and we’ll be happy to offer you some recommendations on how to save money on your glass disposal costs.

Talk to the Hospitality Waste Management Experts at QCR – we’ve got a wide range of equipment to reduce the cost of hospitality waste managment.